6 Reasons Why "Hole In the Wall" Places Are Better
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6 Reasons Why "Hole In the Wall" Places Are Better

"Hole in the Wall" places are usually better, find out why.

6 Reasons Why "Hole In the Wall" Places Are Better

A "hole in the wall" is a place that you wouldn't find as best venue or best service but somewhere with the best food. It's the unexpected places that are always the best. The places that look dingy usually have the best food. So here are 6 reasons why you should go to a hole in the wall restaurant:

1. "Hole in the walls" are always cheaper.

Instead of paying 50+ dollars on a meal, go to a "hole in the wall" place and get amazing food for 20 or less bucks.

2. You don't have to dress up to go there!

Why put on fancy clothes when you can go in sweats?? "Hole in the walls" are usually not fancy places, considering their name, so no need to dress up. Sweats are always better, at least in my opinion.

3. It is an exciting adventure to go there

If you have never been to this place before you get to experience new food and a new environment which is much more fun then going to your regular dinner establishment.

4. "Hole in the walls" are usually more authentic than chains or "fancier" restaurants

When you discover a "hole in the wall" restaurant, they are more likely to be a more authentic cuisine due to their hardworking staff.

5. You are supporting a small business

Small businesses have been declining recently due to corporations taking over the economy, so it is important to support "hole in the wall" places. By going to "hole in the wall" restaurants you are supporting a small business, so kudos to you for trying something new!

6. 'Hole in the Wall" places are where the locals go

If you travel around "hole in the wall" places are where the locals of that country/state/providence go and that is how you know it is good. Also, only the good ones of the "hole in the walls" survive so that is how you know it is good, especially if it has been around for a while and the locals go there.

I highly recommend "hole in the wall" places for these 6 specific reasons and for many more! I hope this article found you well, and the next time you go out to eat you go to a "hole in the wall" place!

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