If you don't wear glasses, consider yourself blessed. I am jealous.

When I was growing up, I thought glasses were so cute and I would steal my dad's pair and wear them around until I got in trouble. I was so excited when I could add another accessory to my outfits. There are these perks, but trust me when I say I didn't think of the annoying factors to wearing glasses.

1. Falling asleep with glasses

Before I got glasses, I could be watching tv in bed or the couch and drift asleep until the morning. Now, I have to decide: "Do I want to be blind watching tv? Or do I risk breaking my glasses for this show?" Let me know.

2. Searching for my glasses

Isn't it ironic? You have to wear glasses to see, but when you wake up in the morning searching for your glasses blind. It's a hard life, for sure.

3. Hats and glasses don't mix

I don't know about other people, but I love baseball hats. It's perfect for a bad hair day and can make your outfit more fun. But let me tell you, the curved rims and glasses don't mix. So every morning I am stuck wondering if I should choose the hat or the glasses.

4. Dirty lenses

My glasses used to be pristine. The lenses would be clear, spotless and perfect. I couldn't live with dirty glasses. However, as time went on, more fingerprints got on them and I had to clean them so often. Now, I have accepted my dirty lenses because I can't be bothered cleaning my glasses every hour.

5. Exercising and glasses are not a good combo.

I used to enjoy exercising and running outside during the summer. But once I got glasses, I hated having them slide off constantly or bouncing up and down on my face. I saw that I stopped running outdoors because I hated going out without my glasses to look at the blurry trees and people ahead of me. Also, it never applied to me, but when my friends were young, they had to have goggles to play sports because of their vision. Glasses are a hassle.

6. Summer sweat and slippery glasses

When the summer hits and you are sweating all day, the glasses always slide down your nose and I have spent one too many days dealing with this problem.

I love glasses and they can be a great accessory to my outfit or mood that they, but they do come with baggage and can be a small hassle in my everyday life. These are just a few of relatable issues I face wearing glasses!