6 Reasons To Visit Your Local Farmer's Market

1. The people are so friendly

Whether you're just there to take the free samples or you're genuinely interested in buying "all natural honey" or "home-grown salsa" everyone working the farmers market is just happy to have you and share their good with you. And everyone, in general, is happy to share their morning outside with everyone else.

2. The food is fresh and delicious

From fresh garden vegetables to sweet homemade pies, the farmers market offers a variety for all taste buds and there's plenty of food to go around.

3. Perfect Photo-ops

Bring your cameras along to this fun festival because just about anywhere is a picture perfect spot from flowers to food trucks as backdrops your next Instagram post will be poppin'

4. There are flowers everywhere

They smell pretty, they look pretty, what more do you need? You don't even need to purchase a bouquet because looks are free!

5. You're supporting your community

It always feels better to give back to those around you. Most of the people and companies selling at the farmers market are from that very town or surrounding towns. Support the businesses that support you; those are the ones at the local farmers market.

6. Waking up early for a good reason

Starting your day earlier feels a lot better when you're having fun and being productive, you can do both of those things at the farmers market it really is free fun.

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