6 Places To Visit In Ohio Over Spring Break

6 Places To Visit In Ohio Over Spring Break

Do you have spring break plans?

Spring break is coming up, which means we get to get a week off school; some of us are going to the beach or on vacation, while the others are stuck at home. Instead of believing Ohio is the most boring state, here are some places you can visit to make your spring break a little less dull:

1. Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is located just north of Columbus in Powell, Ohio. I can be the first one to tell you that the Columbus Zoo has plenty to do to keep you or your family busy.

2. Cincinnati Zoo

This is another zoo that has plenty to do and mixes your up zoo experience up if you always go to the Columbus Zoo. Plus, the famous hippo Fiona resides here.

3. The Cleveland Museum of Art

If zoos don't fit into what you like to do in your spare time, then the Cleveland Museum of Art is something to switch up what you do on a normal day.

4. Hocking Hills

If it's not snowing, then Hocking Hills is a beautiful place to visit. It has places where you can rent on the lake or even just going down there to hike. I've been there many times, and each time, I see something new. If you enjoy the outdoors, this is something you should definitely try.

5. Air Force Museum

If history is your thing, then there is The National Museum of the United States Air Force, located in the northeast part of Dayton, Ohio.


Cosi is located in the heart of downtown Columbus and is both interactive and interesting for adults and kids. They also bring in different exhibits. So, if you go once and see a certain one, the next time it could be completely different.

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L.A Road Trip, Day 2: Knott's Berry Farm

Day two of the epic road trip to Los Angeles.

When we arrived in Los Angeles the day before, we bought Knott's Berry Farm day tickets. We slept in and started heading over around 10 am in what was an hour long drive. After arriving there, we found parking near the waterpark which was an additional $18 per vehicle. After parking, we went to the park.

After getting in we used the map to find where all the rides that are rated 4 or 5 were. Using the app on the iPhone we found that the Sierra Sidewinder, rated a 4, had only a 5-minute wait. Arriving there, we found that the wait time on the phone was not accurate and quit using that for wait times. Instead, we just went and waited for all the rides that we wanted to test out.

Each ride on the opposite side has cubicles where the riders could put their backpacks and purses in so that nothing is lost in the actual ride. When it is your turn, make your way to the opposite side of the ride and place your belongings there. Then proceed to take a seat and buckle yourself in.

Although a 4, the Sierra Sidewinder was a lot of fun and a great start to the day in the park. One of the downsides of this park is the fact that in each turn of the ride, there were empty seats and the entire ride procedure was very inefficient. Because of this, the lines were much longer than they would have to be. In addition, there was no single-rider line which means that for a group of three, one seat in that row would be empty. This is something that the park should look into working on for improvement.

After trying out the Sierra Sidewinder, the group went to the Silver Bullet rated a 5 and possibly the best ride in the park. There were many loops and twists in the ride in addition to a portion of the ride being right above the water lake. Each line of the ride has a capacity of four people.

After the Silver Bullet, the group it was around 12 'o clock so the team decided to go on all the rides that would upset the stomach before going to eat lunch. During this time, the group went to the Timber Mountain Log Ride. This ride did not have any seatbelts but the two drops were not bad and the ride was fine. Unless you would like to get wet, sit in the back half of the log.

After that ride, we went to the Supreme Scream, La Revolucion and tried going on the Sol Spin. Standing in line at the Sol Spin, however, the ride went out of equilibrium and we were told that the ride was not working. Therefore we decided to do the La Revolucion instead. This ride made all of us very nauseous and queasy. This ride should not be gone on if lunch was had. Sol Spin, in fact, is even worse than this ride, so it is inadvisable to be going on that ride during lunch time.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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6 Reasons You Need To Plan Your Next Road Trip ASAP

Roadtrips are a fun, memory-filled way to travel without breaking the bank.

Every time I drive to my parents home in Texas to visit, people always look at me like I have a fork sticking out my eyeball and I get basically the same phrase, "You're driving all the way to Texas!?! - you are out of your ever-loving mind!" At this point, I usually like to throw in that I am driving the whole 20 hrs in one fell swoop without stopping for anything other than gasoline or gas... Here are some reasons why:

1. It is cheaper to drive.

Driving is so much cheaper. Especially if there is more than one person traveling. When there are several people riding, this epitomizes the road trip with friends. It just makes for a super fun, memory filled time that won't break the bank.

2. Flying takes forever.

If you can find a reasonable flight, it's usually at an airport 200 miles away. After you spend weeks and hours trying to find a reasonable ticket, you usually end up driving your car and parking it a some sketchy "airport approved" parking place. These small rather podunk parking places that always are advertised as "super safe" always concern me.

3. You are in control.

You aren't at the mercy of a pilot,(God bless the people that are willing and fund themselves through flight school), who might fall asleep at the wheel. Not that there are other vehicles in close proximity, but falling asleep driving anything just doesn't seem safe.

4. Driving, you see more country in detail.

Being 30,000 feet up in the air is super cool (pun intended) but there is nothing more beautiful than watching the scenery change as you drive across the country.

5. Seat sharing is not a thing when you drive.

I am not sure why it is, but every time I fly I end up sharing half of my seat with either a very big fellow or some gamer that hasn't showered for weeks and decided I was the best pillow on the planet. I love people. I actually LOVE people, but there ain't anything wrong some personal space, especially when I pay a poop-ton of money for a tiny bit of space.

6. You don't have to feel violated.

I am not sure about you, but every time I go through a body scanner they find some part of me to touch. I don't mind so much if they pat down my shoulder, it isn't too bad, it just invades my personal space a little bit. It's when it is other parts of my body, I am like, "I promise its just my zipper." Those are more the experiences that I am not too fond of.

Now that I have successfully managed to hype myself up for my 20 hour drive to Texas tonight (and tomorrow) for spring break. I hope you have enjoyed reading through this short list and I hope you have had a chance to think of a few reasons you prefer driving over flying.

Cover Image Credit: Samuel Ryan King

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