In honor of Earth Day, many people shared their gratitude and love for our planet on all social media platforms. Some discussed the issues with pollution and some simply shared the post that would plant a tree for every 10 likes. But what about the other 364 days of the year?

Some people are making small strides like going straw-less or recycling while others are making no-waste living a trend. These changes in lifestyle, both large and small, are great when you are willing to put forth the effort. But what about when you want to relax?

Self-care is important so here are 6 products that will kill your stress, not the environment:

1. Lush Beauty Products


Lush is famous for their mystifying bath bombs, but their 'naked' shower gels and shower jellies are the only one of their kind on the market. These products are made with no packaging whatsoever. Lush also does not test on animals or buy products from companies who test on animals. Lush also sells a wide variety of shampoos, deodorants, and facemasks that are vegan and packaging-free. With their variety of ever-changing scents, you can get all of your self-care products from one shop without smelling like your grandma or putting plastic into the environment.

2. Orgaid Sheet Masks


When it comes to beauty trends, sheet masks are the new trend. Unfortunately, the planet spends hundreds, if not thousands, of years with the plastic and chemicals that we used for only 20 minutes. With Orgaid sheet masks, you can still get the hydration and glow you want with sheet masks made of 70% organic material! While most of their ingredients are organic, I was not able to find any information on whether or not their packaging can be recycled.

3. BYBI Babe Balm


This product is packaged in what looks like plastic, but it's actually sugarcane! Not only does BYBI use all-natural ingredients, but their packaging is biodegradable. Still, they recommend you recycle to reduce the amount of virgin materials produced. This balm is made for head to toe hydration, so you can have many uses out of one product. Not only does this simplify your skin-care routine, but you can enjoy hydrated, glowing skin completely guilt-free!

4. L. Organic Cotton Tampons


When it is that time of the month, the last thing you think of your period as being is 'self-care'. Given that this is the time when you need self-care the most, having organic hygiene products is a must. Today, so many big tampon companies use cotton filled with pesticides, bleach, and other harmful chemicals. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it is harming YOU. If you are afraid to commit to a period cup, these tampons are a great alternative. The best part is that for every tampon you buy, one is made accessible to another woman. Girls supporting girls! For anyone who does not use tampons, they also make organic cotton pads.

5. Our Earth Beauty Makeup Remover Kit


The first step to any self-care session is to remove all of your makeup and clean your skin. Now you can ban disposable makeup remover wipes and replace them with this Our Earth Beauty kit. This kit includes 10 reusable makeup remover pads, two exfoliating gloves, and a laundry bag to wash everything in. Now you can wash and rewash your makeup remover pads and save the environment from 10,000 single-use cotton rounds! The packaging is also plastic free and completely recyclable so no guilt here. Because these products are made with organic materials, they are perfect for anyone with sensitive or acne-prone skin! Take care of yourself and the environment.

6. Dr. Hempster Bath Bombs


Nothing says 'treat yourself' like a nice bubble bath. Treat the environment with these organic, vegan bath bombs made with essential oils. They are made with all natural colors and there are not tested on animals. With their natural ingredients and calming scents, you can relax knowing there are no harsh chemicals causing harm to you or the environment. There packaging is plastic free and environmentally friendly. So sit back, close your eyes, and relax knowing you are not causing any more damage to the environment.

You should treat yo-self, but the environment doesn't have to pay the price!