50 Ways To Say Goodbye To Someone You Love
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50 Ways To Say Goodbye To Someone You Love

Goodbyes can be hard, but there are ways to cope.

50 Ways To Say Goodbye To Someone You Love
Yasmeen Baig

Saying goodbye to someone who meant something to you is basically the same thing as being shanked in the heart with a poison knife that's on fire and is infested with spiders that'll crawl out of your rectum after impact.

Goodbyes can be painful and it appears in many forms. Sometimes it's abrupt, like a break-up or death, other times it could be a best friend fading away or a falling out. I was listening to old 2000 songs when "50 Ways to Say Goodbye," by Train, came on and I realized he wasn't exaggerating on how hard it can be to say goodbye to someone you loved. I think it's safe to say that being left in the dust like that wrenches your heart to a point where only a few things can loosen that tight grip. For a good amount of the time, you let their absence eat you alive and you get consumed by why that person is gone. Becoming comfortable with this new reality seems impossible. I'm serious. You're at a loss for words. Every breath you take is labored. Sometimes you don't realize how much that person meant to you and now it's too late. But, after you've wrapped your head around facts, your left to think of ways to say goodbye to someone who already has.

I don't have enough experience on my hands to say that these work. However, I figured I could give a few tips anyways. Here are 50 ways to say goodbye:

1. Throw ice into a bathtub.

2. Stab an orange.

3. Burn pictures.

4. Blast screamo or rap music and let loose or dance it out.

5. Buy sunglasses or clothes that make you feel like you've got enough clout to move on.

6. Try therapy.

7. Go on a really long road trip.

8. Make a song about it.

9. Download Tinder or Grinder.

10. Come up with some metaphor for what happened and then draw it out.

11. Journal.

12. Become a YouTuber and make a private video series that subliminally disses them until you're over it.

13. Run away.

14. Fake your own death.

15. Make new memories.

16. Text them if you really think you need to.

17. Throw away any reminders of them.

18. Cold turkey it.

Take a deep breath and don’t look back.

19. Lift bro, go to the gym chances are you need to.

20. Cuddle with someone else you love.

21. Hike to a mountain peak and scream.

22. Pour a drink on your sibling’s head (they’ll get over it).

23. Think about things you can do, now that they’re not there anymore.

24. Eat everything in your fridge.

25. Then go to your friend's house and lay next to them.

26. Express gratitude. Call your family, whoever they may be, and recognize them for being there through it all.

27. Get rich.

28. Or pretend to be rich on Instagram.

29. Scream in your pillow.

30. Listen to depressing songs.

31. Listen to more depressing songs.

32. Make an angsty Tumblr page.

33. Write some poems.

34. Make sure you tell someone what’s up, maybe they can help you too.

35. Go out a little.

36. Stay inside.

37. Spend some time in a coffee shop or park and see how people keep on with life, it can inspire you to do the same.

38. Help others, sometimes that can help yourself.

39. Watch videos online about people who’ve overcome their hardships.

40. Sleep.

41. Get a pet.

42. Watch all your old favorite TV shows.

43. “New number, who’s this?”

44. Most of all,

45. take a deep breath,

46. and realize that,

47. you’ll

48. be

49. just

50. fine.

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