We all struggle with maintaining positivity and optimism sometimes and it is truly impossible to be happy twenty four hours a day but maybe these will help you be happy at least twelve hours of the day. It can be exhausting going day to day with the same routine of working all day or going to class all day and all of the hustle and bustle of daily life but taking some time for yourself to breathe and relax is really important.

Through the craziness of life, it can be hard to stay positive and stay motivated but by utilizing these simple tips can help improve your life greatly.

1. Change your mindset

2. Get into a routine

3. Do not surround yourself with negative people

4. Be honest with yourself and everyone else

5. Allow yourself to fail and learn

6. Go on an adventure every once in a while

7. Put yourself before others sometimes

8. Always try your hardest

9. Don't regret not taking chances

10. Remember to pray

11. Be kind to everyone

12. Listen to your favorite music

13. Don't apologize for being yourself

14. Be goal oriented

15. Celebrate your talents/passions

16. Take a break from social media

17. Pick up a new hobby

18. Forgive others

19. Create a vision board with your life goals

20. Live in the present instead of the past

21. Talk to a stranger

22. Let go of past mistakes

23. Solve your problems instead of running from them

24. Stop trying so hard to get someone's attention

25. Remember that the people who want you in their life will make an effort to stay there

26. Be proud of your accomplishments

27. Share good news with everyone

28. Smile at everyone

29. Wake up a little bit early each day to spend some time for yourself

30. Have faith

31. Do not overwhelm yourself

32. Remember to breathe

33. Exercise

34. Eliminate non-essential tasks

35. Prioritize

36. Call a friend

37. Plan your day out ahead of time

38. Make a mission statement for your life

39. Just do it

40. Get plenty of sleep

41. Take a nature walk

42. Learn how to play an instrument

43. Compliment yourself

44. Listen to others before responding

45. Be who you wish to be

46. Be open to new trying new things

47. Write letters to people you love

48. Treat your body with respect

49. Appreciate everyone

50. Love with all your heart

Remembering to take a take step back and keeping these things in mind on a day to day basis will keep you on track to stay positive and maintain motivation! Also, keep in mind that everyone is going through something and everyone has bad days so if you encounter someone who seems to be in a rough place, offer a smile and a friendly wave and if you are in a position to do so maybe buy their groceries or their lunch that day. A small act of kindness can make a huge difference in anyone's life, especially yours so start today and make that change.