The second season of Stranger Things has been out for over a week, so by now, everyone has had time to binge the whole thing from beginning to end. For me, it definitely lived up to the glory of Season 1 and gifted us with even more mysteries, nostalgia, humor, and character dynamics that we already adored from the first season.

Here are 50 thoughts you probably had while watching Stranger Things 2...

1. Ah! It’s back! It’s finally back!

2. The Ghost Busters sequence is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I could watch it on repeat all day.

3. As bewildering as the public’s obsession with Barb is, I actually love that they continued this storyline with Nancy. I love that they kept the characterization consistent, and she didn’t completely forget about her best friend. It’s good storytelling.

4. Once again, I want to rejoice the fact that Steve Harrington is not a complete jerk. He completely subverts the jock trope, and it’s truly a gift to watch on screen.

5. Okay, why does Mike have to throw away his toys? That is a super odd punishment.

6. ELEVEN! My fave is back!!!

7. ... She does seem to recover from the final battle of Season 1, and escape the Upside Down a bit fast though.

8. Hopper and I are a lot alike because I too would adopt Eleven and feed her tons of Eggos.

9. Joyce’s new boyfriend is super cringey. Of course his name is “Bob”. It fits.

10. I’m 100% on the Joyce and Hopper ship. Make it happen. Please.

11. Honestly, the most 80s thing about this season is that people think Eleven is a Russian spy. It’s actually hilarious.

12. The contrast of Lucas and Dustin being super into Max, but Mike is like “ugh really?” Perfect.

13. Will is a smol human bean, and I want to wrap a blanket of protection around him. He’s so much smaller than the other three!

14. “Compromise? Halfway happy.”… I’m going to use that definition from now on.

15. They actually included a short scene in which a little black kid, dressed as a cowboy, fake shoots at Sheriff Hopper. You can’t convince me that wasn’t purposeful. By the way, no one dies in this encounter.

16. Eleven is watching the scene in the original Frankenstein with the little girl! I truly appreciate these symbolic subtleties.

17. Is “tubular” a Hocus Pocus reference?

18. Dustin, my boy, do not adopt a slug from the Upside Down. This isn’t going to go well…

19. That moment when you adopt a baby demogorgon and it eats your cat. Oops?

20. Eleven and Hopper’s fight is physically giving me anxiety. I can’t decide whose side I’m on. Both? Neither? Just make up guys. Please.

21. This season is definitely a lot more intense and graphic than the first. They went to a whole new level.

22. Nancy and Jonathan teaming up again… getting a hotel room together… I honestly can’t decide which guy I like with Nancy more. I'm torn.

23. The Upside Down is growing underground? Hopper is stuck there? This is bad. Very bad.

24. Mike is truly an amazing friend. He needs to be treasured.

25. Eleven is going to see her mother! I’m feeling emotions right now.

26. Steve and Dustin are the dynamic duo I never knew I needed until now.

27. I like Max, but I’m also confused as to why she’s here? Is there a purpose outside of being the “new girl” in the group? Also, Billy is actually The Worst.


29. And Will just set a trap… What is happening?! My heart is pounding. This is insane.

30. I didn’t know what to expect with Will, considering this is the first time we really get to see him consistently on screen, but Noah Schnapp is phenomenal. He’s the scene-stealer and standout actor of the season in my opinion.

31. Not a fan of episode 7. Kind of want to skip it. I don’t like leaving Hawkins.

32. Eight's awesome though. I have a feeling that she's definitely coming back for Season 3.

33. How did Bob become one of my favorite characters? I’m perplexed. He’s really in this now. He’s a proper part of the squad.

34. Wow Nancy and Jonathan really missed a lot. I just realized that they have no idea what’s been going on back home. Their romantic adventure was a hoot though.

35. Bob. Your gun. You forgot your gun!


37. Bob Newby: Superhero. Time to make a Bob tribute. How did I go from cringing at his existence to screaming about his death so quickly? What an emotional ride.

38. Steve Harrington: Single Mom of Four

39. Mike and Eleven. I’m crying. There are actual tears streaming down my face during this reunion.

40. And the award for Strangest Scene In The Show goes to Mrs. Wheeler’s interaction with Billy “Fabio” Mayfield.

41. I love that Eleven is back, but I wish it wasn’t set up so she comes in to save the day at the last minute. She should have been a part of uncovering everything for at least one episode. This just feels a little off.

42. Steve with the kids is the most unexpected, superb thing about this season.

43. Why can’t Max have friends? Is this a racism thing? Her family is crazy. Save this girl.

44. Can we offer up Billy as a sacrifice to the demagorgons?

45. Dustin and Dart… the nougat… beautiful. Can someone please parallel that scene to Gremlins, How To Train Your Dragon, and Daenerys Targaryen?

46. Yet again, I’m absolutely floored by how amazing the child actors are in this show. They’re so incredibly talented. I’m so proud of them?

47. I want to scream at every girl ignoring Dustin at the Snowball. He got Farrah Faucet spray for you! This is heartbreaking.

48. Nancy is the teenage 80s heroine we truly deserve.

49. The final dance scene is one of the most heart-warming, delightful scenes in the entire show. I love it so much.

50. Wait… Hold up. What do you mean it’s over? It just came out today… I watched the whole thing in one sitting, and now I have to wait another year? Blasphemy.

Eleven may have closed the gate, but she didn’t destroy the Upside Down or the Mind Flayer. Season 3, here we come...