50 Things I Enjoy More Than Cold Weather

50 Things I Enjoy More Than Cold Weather

*crying frozen tears*

This arctic air is definitely a sign winter is right around the corner, and as I much as I love this time of year and the holidays, one thing about late fall and winter I despise more than anything else... the cold.

Just so you guys really understand where I'm coming from, here are 50 (unpleasant) things I enjoy more than cold weather.

  1. Losing all my money at the casino
  2. Brain freeze
  3. Stubbing my toe
  4. Burning my hand on my straightener
  5. Traffic
  6. Slow walkers
  7. Hitting every red light
  8. Black coffee
  9. My phone dying at 12:00 PM
  10. Swimsuit shopping
  11. Blisters
  12. Bugs
  13. Boob sweat
  14. Rude people
  15. Being late
  16. Chanel West Coast's laugh
  17. Crusty feet
  18. Porto-potties
  19. Getting a text back hours later
  20. Burnett's vodka
  21. Hang nails
  22. Dieting
  23. Children shrieking
  24. Stepping in dog poop
  25. Rain with no umbrella
  26. Donald Trump's hair
  27. Breaking my last ponytail holder
  28. A 10-hour loop of Hotline Bling
  29. Being sick
  30. Cereal with orange juice
  31. Commercials
  32. Slow wifi
  33. A shower with no water pressure
  34. Mixed match clothing
  35. Smacking
  36. Washing dishes
  37. Drunk crying
  38. Unscratchable itches
  39. Losing my train of thought
  40. Waiting 15 minutes in line at the drive-thru
  41. Speeding tickets
  42. PMS
  43. Wet socks
  44. Bad grammar
  45. Small talk
  46. Paper gowns
  47. Getting hit in the heels with a shopping cart
  48. Cardio
  49. Burned popcorn
  50. Cleaning the shower drain

Put me in the Sahara Desert with no shoes, and I'm happier than I am right now in this soon to be snowglobe. I know the weather change is inevitable, but I will never be ready!

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5 Reasons To Look Forward To Spring

Get excited for spring with these things that are coming up.

Spring is upon us. I can feel it. I'm so desperate for it because this winter has felt like the longest one I've ever known. It was so cold and dead.

I'm ready to be brought back to life again. Here are just five things I'm looking forward to in this season that's approaching.

1. The weather

I can't wait until the weather is nice again so I can be outside. All winter, there were so many things I wanted to do outside but couldn't because of the chilling weather.

I can't wait to sit at lakes again instead of viewing them from inside my car. I can't wait to drive to the beach and write alongside the crashing waves.

To watch the sunsets and sunrises there or even to simply lay outside on the grass of my college campus doing homework with my friends. There are endless possibilities of things to do outside.

2. The fashion

I am the biggest fan of winter fashion because I love to wear warm and comfy clothes. Yet, spring allows me to be more creative with my outfits instead of just wearing something because of the cold weather.

I can't wait for colorful rompers and sundresses to come back, even shorts with baggy t-shirts and Vans. I plan to go thrifting soon and get some new, cheap t-shirts that will become staples in the spring.

3. The food

With the warmer months coming, I always find it easier to eat healthier. Fruits and vegetables start coming into the season and my motivation to eat cleanly kicks in.

I also find I exercise more in the spring and summer because there's no longer the excuse of "it's too cold outside to go to the gym".

4. The spring cleaning

I love cleaning in general, but spring cleaning is the best. I take the time to completely detox myself in the spring. I get rid of anything I don't need anymore including any toxic people, environments, or thoughts.

Take advantage of the idea of spring cleaning and clean up your life. There's always room for improvement.

5. The energy

With spring, comes a whole new energy. It's the season of rebirth. Take anything that no longer benefits you, and either fix it or toss it.

Allow yourself to become a better version of yourself. Stop any excuses you may have been having all winter and do all the things you wish to.

Now, who else is looking forward to spring?

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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An Open Letter To Oregon Weather

Because we all know you've been acting weird lately.

Dear Oregon Weather,

Boy, do we have a lot to talk about.

You and I have some history by this point. We've been together on and off for almost four years, long enough to really understand one another. Looking back before we made this thing official, I remember seeing you from afar and wondering what you were really like. After all, everyone described you as stormy and depressing, like some sort of angsty young adult novel character. But I saw you in a lot of George Fox advertising, and you looked so sunny and inviting. Now I know that this was somewhat misleading; they only ever showed your good side.

Nevertheless, I was excited to get to know you better, once I moved here. I thought I was up to the challenge of your moody dark side. You really helped me appreciate a different part of myself: because of you, I found new genres of music and really learned to appreciate being sleepy and cozy inside.

I'm beginning to realize that we were in the honeymoon phase back then. After a while, your sleepy appeal began to wear off, and I began to feel like you were just too boring to me. I wondered if you knew how to do anything other than rain on my parade. Sure, every now and then you lightened the mood, but those moments felt so far apart.

You know what happened then: I got back with my ex, Washington Weather. I just wanted some excitement in my life, and W.W.'s drama sounded kind of fun for a while. The thing is, Washington is like that Katy Perry song: one day hot, the next day cold.That quickly became overwhelming, and I began to miss you all over again.

Since then, you and I have been in a cycle of getting together and breaking up, and I just don't want to continue that anymore. I think it's time we decided whether this relationship is going anywhere. The thing is, I don't want to commit to you unless a few things change.

First, you've been really weird the past few months, and I want to know why. You've never been good at giving the cold shoulder, but this year you hardly got cold at all. Instead, you were so warm and sweet that I thought you might have changed! Then it all fell apart: recently, you've been absolutely frigid, snowing and being so windy that I hardly know how to respond. It's like Washington all over again: I don't even know how to prepare for you anymore!

I want you to know that I'm committed to this relationship: I accept you, angst and all. But I really wish you'd tell me what's going on, because I want to help you get through this strange season. If we can reconcile our differences, we might be able to have one of those incredible summers that really repairs a relationship.

Oregon Weather, I really hope you're willing to hear me out on this. I don't think I'm the only one who's hurting here.

Yours Truly,

A Windblown Resident

Cover Image Credit: Synthetick

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