50 New Taylor Swift Lyrics That Will Flood Your Newsfeed
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50 New Taylor Swift Lyrics That Will Flood Your Newsfeed

There's a lyric for every occasion

50 New Taylor Swift Lyrics That Will Flood Your Newsfeed

With a new mature sound, every song off of Taylor Swift's newest album, "reputation" holds more than enough meaningful lyrics to dissect and gush over.

For the sake of time, here are the top 50 lyrics (including my 13 personal favorite in bold) that you’ll see posted across your feed over and over and over again for the rest of the year.

1. "Nobody's heard from me for months/ I'm doing better than I ever was."

2. “I forget their names now, I’m so very tame now, never be the same now”

3. “I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me/ I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams”

4. “If a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing’ I don’t regret it one bit, ‘cause he had it coming”

5. “Whisky on ice, Sunset and Vine”

6. “Ooh, you and me, we got big reputations”

7. “There’s glitter on the floor after the party/ Girls carrying their shoes down in the lobby/ Candle wax and Polaroids on the hardwood floor”

8.“I’ll be there through the toast of the town babe or if you strike out and you’re crawling home”

9. “And I can’t let you go, your hand prints on my soul/ It’s like your eyes are liquor, it’s like your body is gold”

10. “I’m perfectly fine, I live on my own/ I made up my mind, I’m better off bein’ alone”

11.“I stay when it’s hard or it’s wrong or we’re making mistakes”

12. “I shoulda known I’d be the first to leave/ Think about the place where you first met me”

13. “They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one/ So light me up, light me up”

14. “It was the best of times, the worst of crimes”

15. “I, I love you in spite of F-Fears that the world would divide us”

16. “Even in my worst times/ You could see the best of me”

17. “All the drama queens taking swings/ All the jokers dressing up as kings/ they fade to nothing when I look at him”

18. “But if he’s a ghost then I can be a phantom holding him for ransom”

19. “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now/ Why?/ Oh, ‘cause she’s dead!”

20. “And there are no rules when you show up here/ Base beat rattling the chandelier/ Feeling so Gatsby for the whole year”

21. “You should take it as a compliment/ That I’m talking to everyone here but you”

22. “The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama/ But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma”

23. “We never had a shot gunshot in the dark”

24. “Lord, save me, my drug is my baby/ I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life”

25. “Here’s a toast to my real friends/ They don’t care about that he said, she said”

26. “The taste of your lips is my idea of luxury”

27. “Guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats”

28. “I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me”

29. “X marks the spot where we fell apart/ He poisoned the well, I was lyin’ to myself”

30. “And here’s to my momma/ Had to listen to all this drama”

31. “I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wanted”

32. “My one and only, my lifeline”

33. “I’m not the only friend you’ve lost lately/ If only you weren’t so shady”

34. “For you, I would cross the line/ I would waste my time/ I would lose my mind”

35. “And here’s to you/ ‘Cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do/ Haha, I can’t even say that with a straight face”

36. “In the middle of the night in my dreams… you should see the things we do”

37. “And my, my love had been frozen/ Deep blue, but you painted me golden”

38. “And all at once, you are the one I have been waiting for/ King of my heart, body and soul”

39. “Only bought this dress so you could take it off, take it off”

40. “Ocean blue eyes looking in mine/ I feel like I might sink and drown and die”

41. “Sometimes I wonder when you sleep; Are you ever dreaming of me?/ Sometimes when I look into your eyes/ I pretend you’re mine, all the damn time/ ‘Cause I like you”

42. “I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck/ Not because he owns me/ But ‘cause he really knows me”

43. “With all these nights we’re spending/ Up on the roof with a school girl crush/ Drinking beer out of plastic cups/ Say you fancy me, not fancy stuff”

44. “You don’t have to save me, but would you run away with me?”

45. “This is why we can’t have nice things, darling/ Because you break them/ I had to take them away”

46. “Say my name and everything just stops/ I don’t want you like a best friend”

47. “Friends don’t try to trick you/ Get you on the phone and mind-twist you”

48. “You’re so gorgeous/ I can’t say anything to your face/ ‘Cause look at your face”

49. “But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time/ Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time”

50. “Please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere”

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