50 Random Things to Do in Quarantine
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50 Random Things to Do in Quarantine

I've compiled a list of interesting things to do this quarantine that will keep you entertained!

50 Random Things to Do in Quarantine
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When you've already been stuck inside the house for four months and most likely will continue to be stuck inside the house for unknown periods of time, chances are you are bored out of your mind. You've run out of Netflix shows to watch and sleeping and eating aren't exactly hobbies. Lucky for you, I've compiled a random list of fun and oddly specific things you can do while in quarantine.

50. Play a mobile game

49. Start scrapbooking

48. Rearrange your closet

47. Complete a puzzle

46. Mock Trump with the family (you laugh, but it's very entertaining)

45. Bake cupcakes

44. Start an daily workout challenge

43. Write poetry and/or short stories

42. Text everyone in your contact list

41. Make Pinterest boards

40. Make chalk art or jump rope in the backyard

39. Reenact a musical (personally, I suggest Hamilton)

38. Go for a long run outdoors (before 7am if you live in Arizona)

37. Online shop (or online window shop if you're short on cash)

36. Read online Manga

35. Or just read Ebooks if Manga isn't your thing

34. OR just read books. Like, real page smell and all

33. Make a list of places you want to travel to

32. Edit your resume

31. Job and internship hut (there are some good online jobs and internships)

30. Take a class

29. Make a fort indoors and go "camping"

28. Do some new skin care routines

27. Try something new with your makeup

26. If you're religious, pray and get closer to God

25. If not, meditate

24. Make your own jewelry

23. Make your own snacks

22. Deep clean your room

21. Create something (artwork, a podcast, a blog, etc.)

20. Put on your favorite music and dance for hours

19. Watch childhood TV shows and movies

18. Watch the movies and TV shows you hadn't gotten a chance to see yet

17. Watch some old movies (I'm talking before 1960; they're actually quite good)

16. Host game nights with your family

15. Host virtual game nights with your friends over Facetime or Skype

14. Dye your hair. Or cut it. Go crazy!

13. Make TikToks

12. Listen to new podcasts (one of my favorites is Spoken Mentalities on Youtube...oh wait, that's mine!)

11. Make a garden and plant something

10. Or get a cute, indoors, potted plant

9. Order food from restaurants that you've never been to

8. Watch the news (not obsessively though)

7. If you're a guy, grow a beard

6. Cook up a new recipe

5. Cry...sometimes we need a good cry

4. Take Buzzfeed quizzes

3. Read magazines

2. Read articles on ASU Odyssey. Duh!

1. Or if you have some cool, unique hobby that I forgot to include, do that instead. These are just suggestions!

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