I usually lose some motivation throughout the semester, but it's normal for all students. Like the beginning of the semester is fine because I'm just learning what my classes require of me and learning how the professor grades assignments and tests. The middle of the semester (or usually a month or two in) is the worst time because there are so many projects to do, long papers to write, or a hundred pages of textbooks to be reading. The end of the semester is also a really stressful time, but I find it's the most rewarding because it's like "hey girl, you survived. Congrats." So when I start feeling unmotivated or uninspired I watch YouTube videos in my downtime or in between classes if I just need a mental break or if I just need some background noise to study.

1. Lipsticks and Lattes


Her name is Grace, a second-year law school student. I'm super interested in what she does because I'm a criminal justice minor so we have a lot of the same interests for criminal law. Her work ethic is so strong, and I love to put her videos on in the background while I'm doing my own homework.

Grace's Youtube channel

2. America Revere


Yes her name is really America and she's a med student! She's also super hard working and I love watching her videos even though I'm not going into the medical field. America motivates me because she shows that sometimes the not so fun stuff is actually worth it. Usually, she works a long 12 hour or 24-hour shift at the hospital and then goes home to study, literally I don't know how she does it.

America's Youtube channel

3. TheStriveToFit


Jamie is a doctor who recently graduated. Her and America have very similar channels because they're both health-related but completely different personalities. Jamie is so calm and frequently does a lot of Q&As with her subscribers. She makes a lot of the study with me videos too which I sometimes put on in the background while I"m doing my own homework.

Jamie's Youtube channel

4. Abby Asselin


Abby is a Junior majoring in finance at the University of Alabama. She's super funny and quirky and I love her content! I relate to her the most because she shows the most content in her day to day life. She has a podcast with some of her friends called "Girls on the Go" which I totally recommend if you like podcasts.

Abby's Youtube channel

5. Remlife


I used to watch Remi when she did college related videos, but she graduated from school and moved on to health, fitness, and beauty. In the past two years, she went through a huge weight loss journey! She's kind of a DIY queen compared to Karina Garcia (don't hate me).

Remi's Youtube channel