As a college student within a campus in the middle of the city, one can imagine how easy it can be to walk from one destination to another because everything just seems so close. While that statement is true, that doesn’t go without saying that any type of public transportation goes unnoticed.

From public buses, taxis, and rickshaws – the need for transportation is still extremely prevalent in the city setting. Yes, you can get a lot of places without using transportation, but sometimes you get tired of walking. After the revolutionary introduction of the transportation app, Uber – young adults and college students around the country are forever grateful for this simple great idea, that changed the college scene forever. Here is a list of five reasons that Uber changed college forever:

1. You can call an Uber from your phone!

As crazy as that may sound, you can call in Uber from any location in the United States. Often times, my friends and I will call an Uber from our apartment. You don’t have to be standing on the side of the road, and you surely don’t have to be in a public place. From our downtown apartment, our Uber driver has picked us up at the entrance of our apartment building which is not accessible by the general public. I am forever thankful for the men and women who pay attention to the detail and pick us up, practically at our front door.

2. Uber is safer than a typical taxi cab

One may also believe that this statement is untrue, however, the Uber company itself uses every driver’s cell phone to track each trip. If you were to get in a taxi, you would not be guaranteed safety because who knows if there is anyone that knows where you are, at every moment during your ride.

3. You can request different sized Ubers

According to your group size, you can request different sized Ubers which is incredible for college students. Although my friend group outings typically stay between four and five individuals, there are certain occasions that arise where there are up to ten people that are looking for a ride to the same location. With a typical taxi cab, only four individuals are able to ride versus with Uber – everyone can ride together!

4. It is not overly priced!

Living in the city, it is hard to come across a public transportation company that does not cost a fortune. Thankfully, with Uber, there is not set rate depending on the time of the trip, or where you are going. No set rates are needed! College students, in particular, can be living on a budget, which is imperative for the decision of who to call for their transportation needs.

5. Each driver is extremely nice and hospitable

There have been multiple times where I have been riding with an Uber driver who has drinks and snacks in the car, as well as individual pain reliever. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a Taxi Cab that has any sort of snacks, free of charge. Every college student loves a good AND free snack!

As you can see, this new technology has changed the college scene forever, and I am so thankful for the men and women who choose to work for Uber. Your services do not go unnoticed – cheers to using Uber anytime, anywhere!