5 Ways You Can Stop Looking Like A Clueless Freshman
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Student Life

5 Ways You Can Stop Looking Like A Clueless Freshman

I'm in the same boat, I get it.

5 Ways You Can Stop Looking Like A Clueless Freshman
Ellen Tucker

You did it. You're in college. Your parents are gone and you're in a place full of people you've never met before. Freshman year has begun. Except, you don't want to look like a freshman. You envy how the upperclassmen walk with confidence. Here's how to accomplish that same mindset and give others the impression that you know more than you actually do:

1. Take off your lanyard.

It's not doing anything for you. Sure, it's a convenient place to keep your key and card. Still, it's a sure sign that you're new. Invest in a key chain for your room key or a rubber card holder for the back of your phone. It's much more practical and makes you look like you have your life together.

2. Don't buy everything possible from the bookstore.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a lover of t-shirts, too. Refrain from buying every one that you see. I promise you don't need every article of clothing or notebook plastered with your school's mascot. Over the years, you're bound to acquire plenty of shirts and freebies from various events on and off campus.

3. Do your research.

If you have an 8 am class on Tuesdays, find the classroom ahead of time. Don't carry around the paper copy of your schedule. If you're really nervous about forgetting it, take a picture of it and save it to your phone. Be sure to walk with confidence, even if you're unsure exactly where you're going. Fake it 'till you make it, right?

4. Don't be afraid to do things alone.

College is a time to branch out and meet new people. Trust me, every freshman is just as nervous as you are. You don't always need a buddy to go with you to a club interest meeting or the dining hall. This isn't high school; no one is going to judge you for eating alone.

Also, you'll be surprised who you meet and the types of conversations you have with random people.

5. Get out of your dorm.

You won't accomplish much just sitting in your dorm 24/7. Get involved. Have a random conversation with the girl next to you in line at the dining hall. Find things to do in town and invite new found friends. Study in the library or outside if the weather is nice. With so much to do and so many resources on and off campus, why would you stay in your dorm?

Freshman year is an interesting year. I'm just starting mine, so I understand your worries and habits. Just be confident. After all, college is always referred to as, "the best four years of your life."

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