5 Ways To Show Your Long Distance Bestie Some Love And Keep Your Friendship Strong
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5 Ways To Show Your Long Distance Bestie Some Love And Keep Your Friendship Strong

Take it from me, I live four to seven hours away from all my best friends.

5 Ways To Show Your Long Distance Bestie Some Love And Keep Your Friendship Strong

When moving away, especially to college, it can be difficult to upkeep all of your hometown friendships. Whether they move away with you to wherever you’re going, they stay at home, or move to a different destination or college town, you want to continue those great friendships you kindled for years at home. However, sometimes with a new environment, meeting new people, and a different lifestyle, your new responsibilities get the best of you and put a major strain on old friendships. I have held on to some of my most important hometown friendships over the years and rekindled some lately, so here are my five best tips on how to keep your friendship fun and fresh while being long distance:

1. FaceTime, often

It’s the multiple FaceTimes a day for me.

My best friends and I FaceTime at least once a day if not more. The opening line of every video call? “EEEEE I JUST MISSED YOU SO BAD!!!” Even if the calls are a few hours apart, if y’all are truly close friends you’ll find something to say to each other every single time.

2. Send each other things that remind you of each other

The most sincere form of flattery is one of your close friends sending you something that reminds you of them. Whether it’s a cute text with a phrase you like to say, a tik tok you wanna do together the next time you see each other, or even a picture/meme that you know would make them laugh, it’s just a little something that will remind them of you and let them know you’re thinking about them. You can even do this physically!! Put together a little care package of things you know your bestie will love, or things you love and want to share with them and send it their way! This is such a sweet, special, and sentimental thing you can do for your bestie to keep that friendship alive and blooming!

3. Schedule virtual friendship dates

With the current world climate, there is so many options for this. You could Netflix party, virtual escape room, virtual workout classes, wine and charcuterie night on FaceTime, get art supplies and paint together via video chat... the possibilities are endless! Make sure you pencil these dates into your calendar and plan them in advance so that you ensure you’ll have the time to spend with your friend.

4. Randomly call each other

Randomly calling your long distance bestie is one of the best ways to show them you’re thinking about them. There will be times they can’t answer or just are too overwhelmed to sit and talk, but it’s the thought that counts! Also, the best is when they actually can talk and what you thought may be a five minute catch up on the ride home, turns into a full fledged phone version of a parked car talk.

5. Schedule trips to see each other 

Obviously this is not always an easy thing to do, nor is it totally feasible, but do it as often as you can. I’m fortunate enough to be within driving distance of my closest friends, even if it is a long drive, so I try to schedule trips early in the semester to make sure I’m able to see everyone and plan it so that I don’t get too busy to go. Ensure when you’re planning these trips that both parties are free and put it down in your calendars immediately. Then there’s no excuses to bail on each other last minute.

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