If Your Friend Is Having A Bad Day, 5 Ways To Remind Them You Still Care

Personal interactions are so important in today's society. Sometimes we forget to reach out to those we care about most. Here are 5 ways to remind those who mean most that you still care:

1. Send them a cute message and let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life

A couple of my friends have done this to me and have actually made me tear up. You do not know how much one little paragraph could mean to someone who is having a rough time.

2. Ask them to hang out

This is dependent on the person, but asking your friend to hang out, whether it is a trip to the mall or out on a dinner date, could make their day in a matter of seconds. Sometimes people just need to feel included and loved.

3. Order them food, or make them a goody bag

Food is always helpful.

4. Call them

A phone call can make someone's day, especially because everyone revolves around texting these days.

5. Tell them you love them

Sometimes if someone is having a bad day, they need to be reminded that they are loved, at least by one person.

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