While I've already spent over a year in the dorms. I always change it up after breaks. My first year of college consisted of way too much random stuff that I never used and way too little stuff that I actually wanted. I had a broken body lotion that I kept only for its heavenly smell, although I never actually used it. I had more school supplies than I had drawers to hold them. There was no point, yet I did not want to change anything.

This year, I learned from my past mistakes and made a few along the way.

1. Don't be afraid to change the layout

If you aren't comfortable with the layout or even if you just want a change, change up the layout. There's probably a reason why you are not happy with the setup, and you should listen to yourself.

2. Send things you don't use home

If you don't use that lotion with the heavenly smell, send it home. Dorm rooms are too tiny to keep anything that you aren't going to use.

3. Don't bring things that are likely to break after one use

I had a papasan chair that I was in love with. I had gotten it for fairly cheap, but it did have a few issues that I didn't fix before bringing it to the dorms. A friend sat in it without the same amount of care, and I heard it crack. I sent it home after that. Just because my friends don't care doesn't mean I don't. This can apply to anything. If you think it could be easily broken by a slightly rowdy friend, don't bring it (or keep it away from them).

4. Decorate the walls

So many dorms are filled with the saddest beige walls. There is no reason why dorms can't be painted fun colors, but here we are. To fix this, put up posters, tapestry, pictures, or whatever else you want. Bare walls are boring; get creative.

5. Make it yours

This is basically a summary of all of the above tips but make your dorm yours. You are going to be living in it for an entire school year, you have to be comfortable with it. Pinterest may be a good place for ideas, but don't try to get a Pinterest approved room if it doesn't feel right. If you're in Greek life, make that part of the decoration. Part of a club? That can be another thing to add. Your room should feel like home, as it will be for the next 9 months.