5 Unique Restaurants In Kutztown, PA
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5 Unique Restaurants In Kutztown, PA

Every Kutztown student has to try these places before graduation.

5 Unique Restaurants In Kutztown, PA
Lehigh Valley Marketplace

Every town has their own little quirks that make the area interesting and unique. In Kutztown, Pennsylvania there are several well-known and established restaurants that offer something more than just food. Some of these places pride their business on excellence and others on originality. Between these five unique restaurants, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

1. Spuds

Voted as one of the best burger joints in Berks County, Spuds has a lot to offer the residents of Kutztown. With over 25 types of specialty fries, and at least 25 specialty sandwiches, this restaurant is a haven for angus beef lovers everywhere. As another way to differentiate this burger place from say Red Robins or Burger King, the owner of Spuds created what they call, The Beast. This is a hearty three-pound beef burger seasoned to perfection, topped with lettuce, mayo, about 18 slices of tomato, 45 rings of an onion, and 10 slices of cheese on specialty baked buns. Of course if someone chooses to take on this behemoth of a burger and do so within a certain amount of time, the champion receives a Spuds giftcard, t-shirt or hat, and a framed picture. They also get their name and picture put on the Hall of Fame for successfully taking down The Beast.

2. Pop’s

Pop’s Malt Shoppe takes people back to a time where Elvis Presley was still rocking out on jukeboxes and people were dancing to the twist. This family owned restaurant captures the essence of the 50’s and creates a fun atmosphere where people can experience and appreciate that lively era. Pop’s has also been recognized as one of the top 10 ice cream parlors in the Allentown area. The restaurant started as an ice cream parlor in 2004, and since then it has transformed and now serves a variety of food. Their full menu consists of burgers, fries, waffles, sandwiches, specialty drinks, etc. It’s a great place to dine in and get one of their famous milkshakes for dessert.

3. Frying Dutchman

Yes, there is a Dunkin Donuts in town, but the Frying Dutchman blows these chain donut shops out of the water. The Frying Dutchman makes has a small variety of menu items ranging from muffins, donuts, coffee, chocolate milk, tea, etc. They do however, have a large variety of donut flavors that can satisfy any craving. Their donuts are made fresh daily and right in front of the customer, which adds a nice twist. For those looking at simple donut flavors, be sure to try their chocolate glazed, or cinnamon sugar. But for those more adventurous souls, take a bite into a fluffernutter donut, or maybe the snickered flavor. The Frying Dutchman offers many original flavors that Dunkin Donuts hasn’t even thought of. On top of that, the shop uses organic ingredients locally grown and raised by farmers in the surrounding area.

4. Tommy Boy’s

There are a bunch of different pizza places in town, but Tommy Boy’s seems to stand out among the rest. At Tommy Boy’s, customers really get a bargain for their buck. The larger than usual slices cost about the same as they do at Mamma’s Delight, and Camillo’s. So not only are the slices bigger, but they’re reasonably priced too. Aside from the size, Tommy Boy’s also has a variety of slices and toppings to choose from. They have eggplant parmesean pizza, BBQ pulled pork pizza, and even flavors like a philly cheesesteak pizza. Some of these pizza flavors are so unique and creative; it’s worth stopping by at Tommy Boy’s and giving them a try.

5. Pretzel Revolution

Who would’ve thought pretzels could actually be a meal? At Pretzel Revolution, the chefs make custom pretzels for any meal of the day. There are breakfast pretzels, dessert pretzels, dinner pretzels, and even some to consider for lunch. Pretzel Rev took the concept of a pretzel and transformed it from a simple snack, to the main course. If you’re on your way to work be sure to try a bacon, egg, and cheese pretzel for breakfast. For those looking to have something more filling, you could go with a buffalo chicken pretzel, or maybe a chicken, bacon, ranch pretzel. Even as a dessert option, these pretzels really pack a punch, like the stuffed apple cinnamon pretzel.

Each of these restaurants have something new and different to offer customers whether it's the theme, or actual menu items. Kutztown is a quaint little college town so it seems only fitting to say the restaurants add some character to this town and make it unique. Every college student should give these restaurants a try at least once before they graduate. Plus, it's a great way to support small local businesses.

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