5 Unique Galentine's Day Presents For Your Best Friends
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5 Unique Galentine's Day Presents For Your Best Friends

Valentine's Day is traditionally a holiday to celebrate with a significant other, but for all my single pals, this holiday is created to celebrate with your friends to show them how much you love them.

Waffle Maker and Waffle on a plate

Invite your friends over for dinner and drinks and exchange your favorite gifts in a secret exchange.

1. Etsy Spotify Plaque

Dog listening to headphones

Music Relax GIF


Get your friends a display of their favorite Spotify song as a large acrylic plaque to put on their desk or nightstand. It is a cute way to show you know their favorite albums and music taste.


2. Mini Waffle Maker

Woman bathing in waffles

Woman Lol GIF


This adorable mini griddle has been a TikTok trend for the past few months because of how versatile the cooking instrument is in everyday life. My roommates and I recently got one for our apartment and we are constantly using it to make mini cookie skillets and crispy bacon egg sandwiches. Target, Urban Outfitters and Walmart sell them in so many fun colors!


3. Potato Parcel Customzied Gift

Potato dancing

Potato Dancing GIF


I have purchased these customized potatoes more than I would like to admit. For Galentine's gag gifts for friends long distance, this present never fails to make someone laugh. Screenshot a funny baby picture of your Galentine and send it to Potato Parcel and have them send your customized masterpiece directly to their homes.


4. Customized Pet Portrait

Mona Lisa Petting her Cat

Mona Lisa Cat GIF


Another Etsy gift that I think is unique and personal for a close friend on Galentines Day is a customized portrait drawing/painting of their pet. You simply send in a picture of your friends pet to any vender and it usually is under $20!


5. Fuzzy Blanket

Cats cuddling under a blanket



There are so many cozy blankets sold on Amazon that are affordable and perfect for the winter season that come in so many shades.


Galentine's Day has equal importance to Valentine's Day which is why these little gifts can make the world of a difference in your friends' lives.

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