Valentine's Day is a special holiday. Once a year couples take one day out of their busy schedule to show appreciation for each other. Another fun part of Valentine's Day, besides the candy, are all the gifts. Every year leading up to Valentine's Day the stores line their shelves with tons of candies, bears, and cards. Those are the most common gifts on Valentine's Day, but what about those extra special gifts? In light of Valentine's Day next week I've put together a list of some unique Valentine's Day gifts for your someone special.

1) Personalized Infinity Bracelet

These bracelets make the perfect gift. They can be customized with initials that can be added to the infinity sign in the bracelet. The link to order is below.

2) e.l.f. Makeup Box Subsciption

Why not spoil you love with a Make-Up box subscription? Who ever receives this will 100% thank you. Each box has up to $40 dollars worth of e.l.f. products.

3) Sweetheart Candle

This sweetheart candle is so meaningful. The candle is inside of a piece of wood that would hold you and your sweethearts initials and the year you were established. This gift can't get much sweeter. The link to order is below.

4) Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements never fail to impress with their amazing fruit and chocolate arrangements. For Valentine's Day why not order a beautiful arrangement and wow you valentine. The link to all the Valentine's Day arrangements are below.

5) Glitter Heart Bath Bomb

Why not make taking a bath luxurious. These glitter heart bath bombs will help your special someone have a relaxing Valentine's Day. The link to purchase is below.

6) Luxury Spa Basket by 1800-Flowers

This basket includes everything your partner will need to relax on Valentine's Day. From soaps to lotions a robe and more this basket is the perfect gift that you can't find on the store shelf. The link to view all of 1800-Flowers luxury spa baskets are below.

7) Song Lyric Plague

This handmade plague can be customized for you and your love. The song lyrics could be both of yours favorite song or your fist dance. Either way this plague will forever hold all your memories together. The link to order this plaque is below.

8) The Popcorn Factory

The popcorn factory offers 100s of yummy combinations of popcorn and snacks. So why not personalize a sweet snack for your love one this Valentine's Day? The link to the Popcorn Factory is below.

9) Bar Necklace Mama Bear

This Mama Bear special necklace is perfect for the number one person in your life. You can add up to 7 baby bears on each necklace making it even perfect for a grandmother. The link to purchase is below.

10) Perfume

Who doesn't want to smell good? This Valentine's Day why don't you search for the perfect smell for your special someone. They won't be disappointed!