5 Underrated Songs: Fall Out Boy Edition
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5 Underrated Songs: Fall Out Boy Edition

Less popular gems from FOB.

5 Underrated Songs: Fall Out Boy Edition
One Nation

If you'd like to read the first installment of this series which focuses on Panic! At The Disco -- you can read it here.

Originating in Chicago, IL, four guys formed a band that would later be called Fall Out Boy (which was taken from an episode of The Simpsons). Members Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman have played in the band together for the better part of 14 years on and off -- and it'd be perfectly correct to assert that the foursome is at the heights of their careers.

With nine different EPs and LPs -- and many other deluxe editions and live editions -- there are plenty available songs to slip through the cracks of their fandom. Here are five of my personal choices:

1. "(Coffee's For Closers)" -- Folie a Deux (2008)

Coming from easily the most underrated album from FOB's discography, "Coffee's For Closers" is a perfect example from the album that most fans tend to ignore or just downright hate. Whether it's because this is the album that seemingly broke the band up and caused the hiatus or the distinct change in sound from their previous album -- "Coffee's For Closers" can show you what you're missing.

Strings, belting low and high notes, group vocals and even some vocals only parts are just some of the elements that really tie this song together. "Closers" also helps tie the first songs of the album with their energetic tones into some of the more ballad-like later songs as it has both elements.

Memorable lyrics: /Though change will come, oh change will come/ I will never believe in anything again/

2. "XO" -- From Under The Cork Tree (2005)

"XO" is the ending track on the album that caused FOB to skyrocket from local and niche conversations into the collective consciousness of the public. Largely overshadowed by FOB "classics" like "Dance Dance" and "Sugar We're Going Down" on the same album, "XO" possesses more of the punk rock feel that came from the group's roots.

The song also holds darker meaning in the lyrics than the rest of the album, as it is rumored among fans that the lyrics can be perceived about the band's lyricist and bassist, Pete Wentz, falling out of love and hooking up with strangers. This whole idea is explored more in Wentz's book Gray-- a story that speaks on first love, depression, suicide attempts and loneliness.

Memorable lyrics: /Love never wanted me/ But I took it anyways/

3. "I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers" -- Infinity On High (2007)

Theatrical. Romantic. Vibrato. Those are the three words I would probably use to describe this song if someone asked me to. With one of the typically long song titles that FOB used to employ back in the day, themes in this song also allude to Wentz's physical and emotional ventures but pairing it with vocalist Patrick Stump's amazing vocal range -- the harshness of the lyrics can be easily ignored.

This is one of the earliest songs that really displays Stump's breadth of vocal range where he easily goes from lower to the highest of the highs in one word. Accompanied by many instruments -- traditional orchestral and the band instruments -- this song has everything to offer for another one of the band's least recognized albums.

"Now press repeat."

Memorable lyrics: /The truth hurts worse/ Than anything/ I could bring myself to do/ To you/

4. "Rat A Tat" -- Save Rock And Roll (2013)

FOB was on a hiatus from 2008 to 2013 -- making "Save Rock And Roll" their comeback album, and what a comeback it was. "Rat A Tat" is on the second half of the album, nine out of 11 that is. This album did receive mixed reviews from many -- fans and critics alike -- but this song really brought about the album, whether it's the lyrics, the instrumentation or even the Courtney Love feature.

It all works greatly together, but for some reason, whenever I ask people what their favorite song is from this album -- it's never "Rat A Tat" which is really unfortunate. This song had a lot of potential to be an album single because of many elements, but it wasn't which allows it to remain in ambiguity.

Memorable lyrics: /We're all fighting growing old/ In the hopes of a few minutes more/

5. "Twin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC)" -- American Beauty/ American Psycho (2015)

Off of FOB's newest album, "AB/AP", "Twin Skeleton's" is the last and probably least talked about on the album. EVEN THOUGH IT IS THE MOST HYPE SONG ON THE ALBUM. "Twin Skeleton's" has it all -- chanting, crazy dubstep (yes, in a FOB song), creepy and downright enchanting beat and instrumentals -- and so much more.

This song is on a roll and the perfect song to end the album but could've also easily been the perfect song to start the album too. Definitely a song that gets your blood pumping for a walk, a work out or just if you're on a rampage and need to let out some steam.

Memorable lyrics: /And I just need enough of you to dull the pain/ Just to get me through the night 'till we're twins again/ 'Till we're stripped down to our skeletons again/

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