5 Types Of Walmart Trips

Many people got to Walmart on a regular basis. As a college student, I go to Walmart for many reasons. After some serious consideration, I have decided there are only 5 types of Walmart trips.


Go to Walmart. Get what you need. Get back to campus before you're considered late. If you take too long you may or may not need to change outfits in the car.

2. Goofing around

Okay, so maybe you don't jump headfirst into a low-key death trap, but you still might do some silly stuff while walking around.

3. Grocery shopping

Even if you could, somehow, get only the food you needed then it would still probably break your bank. Therefore, go ahead. Buy ALL OF THE RAMEN.

4. Grocery shopping while hungry

NEVER EVER DO THIS! This is how you end up broke with a cupboard full of Ramen, mac and cheese, and Little Debbies treats.

5. Shopping while broke

As a college student, I am always broke. However, there is a difference between a broke college student and so broke you can't even impulse buy a candy bar college student. If you're the later option, then I feel bad for you.

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