Whether you're following them or observing them, trends are a huge part of our daily lives and you can't deny their existence. I would be lying if I said I've never hopped on the bandwagon for plenty of trends- Twilight anyone? - but some of the fads I see these days, I just can't get behind.

1. Overpriced Metal Water Bottles

Sure, they keep things cold- but is it truly worth the $40 you just spent on it? These things are almost as common as squirrels on a college campus. You can find plenty of other alternatives that are cuter, cheaper and just as efficient. (#TeamCamelback)

2. Pom Pom Keychains

Nothing draws more eyes to your keys than a giant fuzz ball hanging from them! Some people can make them look cute, but for the most part, I find these quite pointless.

3. Snapstreaks

Alright, alright- I might be a little guilty of this one. However, looking back these are so addicting but for what reason? What is so satisfying about seeing the little number go up day after day? There is actually nothing worse than getting a snapchat that just says the word "streak" in it. It's almost like the only reason people want to communicate with each other through this app is just so they can keep their streaks up. It's a game and addiction, and it's not worth the time.

4. Hoverboards

We've all seen those viral videos of people crashing into walls while on hoverboards. Why are preteens going around their neighborhood on these things?! Don't kids these days know what a razor scooter or Heelys are?! Stick to the classics, kids. You don't look that cool.

5. Fidget Spinners

I understand that the main purpose of fidget spinners is effective and actually helps those that utilize them focus better. However, this trend has gotten a little out of hand. The top trending YouTube videos include makeup, cooking, and trick videos all revolving around fidget spinners. Not only does this defeat the initial purpose of these spinners, but the fact that a video of a girl blending her makeup with a fidget spinner can get millions of views is kind of sad.

We all follow at least one trend and there's nothing wrong with being a trend follower, especially if you can rock it in your own and unique way. However, in my opinion, things that are trending these days have gotten weirder and crazier and these 5 are no exception.