5 Tips To Succeed At Adulting
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5 Tips To Succeed At Adulting

Because sometimes life is just really hard.

5 Tips To Succeed At Adulting
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Adulting is super hard, and a lot of us are at a pivotal moment in our lives where we either do it or we don't. Why not try to succeed at it to be better off in the future? Here are five tips that will help you succeed at adulting in some pretty big ways:

1. Don't be afraid to do things on your own.

Casually takes self out to lunch.
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Coming to terms with the fact that it is okay to go to the grocery store by yourself - or to the mall, or to dinner, or wherever—is good for you and really important. It's an opportunity for you to apply lessons that you've learned to actual life and seeing how they work out. I love shopping by myself and taking myself out to eat—it gives me the chance to make better decisions without another's influence (cost balancing, bargain hunting, dieting choices, etc.). When I am with my friends, I'm more likely to make decisions that influence my lifestyle in other ways than what I truly want—which is totally OK, too, because sometimes you need to make stupid choices on top of the good ones. But doing things by yourself will help prepare you for when you may literally have no one.

2. DIY as much as possible.

@gabbygoodfellow and I avoid our responsibilities and do our nails instead.
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So many things in our lives are controlled by our financial situations and what we want. I try to take back the control by DIYing a lot of my life. Do you really need to pay $35 for a haircut? Do you really want this $400 bed frame from Wayfair? Do you need to pay for a prescription for an ear infection? I cut and color my own hair, do my own nails, use home remedies and am not afraid to break out a hammer or screwdriver when something is broken. Google and Pinterest have literally saved me thousands of dollars, as well as have shown me that I don't need as much help to get the things I want. DIYing is an incredibly useful tool to show you just how productive and grown up you can be, and it's totally rewarding after you've finished what you set out to for a fraction of the cost.

3. Think about what environments make you the most comfortable, and aim to put yourself in them.

Boyz night last night.
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Question the environments around you and determine what you like and don't like. Do you like the support or lack thereof from your coworkers?Is your apartment a conductive place for your schoolwork? Try to strive to put yourself in an environment surrounded by comfort, support and positivity. I live with my boyfriend and my best friends, and we're all super supportive of each other (and super bad influences at the right times). Putting yourself in the environment you want to be in creates a much more peaceful head space, and allows you to better prepare for the future all while enjoying the present.

4. Try to tackle things you're unsure about.

I took myself to the dentist today. Such a cute little room.
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Do you know how to use public transportation? What even is health insurance? How do you file your taxes? All of these are absolutely terrifying if you don't know a lot about them. Tackle them and figure them out. You'll find that they aren't nearly as complicated as they seem, and it'll give you a step above the rest when it's time to actually adult without support. At 22, I support myself entirely. I have my own health coverage and filed my taxes on my own. I take the bus to work every day. By learning about the things that get confusing in the adult world, you're gaining practical, analytical life experience that enables you to achieve your life goals much faster.

5. Use your parents for guidance rather than support.

We got a countertop dishwasher. Yay adulting.
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So you're out of the house and living on your own. Regardless of any financial aspects (because everyone has a different situation and I get it), try to use your parents for guidance rather than support on a practical level. Do you need your mom to get that stain out of your favorite shirt? Do you need your dad to help get rid of bugs in your apartment? Ask them to guide you to solutions you can achieve on your own, and set out to do them without physical assistance. Your parents will be proud that you're working toward applying their lessons, and hands-on adulting is totally necessary down the road. This is probably the most important tip to help you adult, because it enables you accomplish practical tasks that other might not be able to, while giving your family the comfort of knowing you're going to be OK for the rest of your life.

Happy adulting!

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