5 Tips For Single Living!
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5 Tips For Single Living!

Yeah, My Phone is Dry Too!

5 Tips For Single Living!

Happy Monday, (or whatever day you read this lol)! Today we are going to talk about what everyone loves to complain about on social media, and, that is BEING SINGLE! Yes, the period where you are either bored out of your mind because your phone just may be as dry as mine or enjoying the period of not having to answer or be accountable for another human! This is the period of life where we figure out who we are and what we want not just out of our next relationship but out of life. If we do not use this time wisely… your next relationship and or life endeavors may just be like the others; temporary. So below I am going to list a few things that have helped me in this season of drought.

  • Being Single Can Actually Be A Blessing!
    • You’re probably looking at this like “How Sway, How!?” but I can seriously tell you it is! During this period, you may be wondering or even feel like no one sees you; as if you have completely fallen off the radar, and you just may have, but here is why. Sometimes God needs to separate us completely, keep us “hidden” in a sense to block out all distractions so we can finally develop into the person we would need for out next stage of life. How can God bring you your husband or wife, if you aren’t even marriage material yet!? And let me just say, because you can cook, clean, and are “loyal” doesn’t make you marriage material.
  • Date Yourself!
    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking yourself out on a date!? Learning how to be alone and be 100% okay with being by yourself is essential before entering, into another relationship. When we are whole within ourselves first, love ourselves regardless of who is or isn’t around and honestly can say we enjoy ourselves; it will make following relationships of every type so much easier, for every party involved. I say this because when you are not whole in yourself first you may find yourself seeking the missing parts of you or simply feeding off that other person. You can become a leech, and no one wants a leech. You can become more of a taker than a giver and if your significant other is carrying all the mental/emotional stability in the entire relationship it is bound to fail. Man cannot function properly under that much baggage and stress, it is unhealthy.
  • Allow All Wounds To Heal!
    • Are you holding on to any past hurt from prior relationships or incidents that have ruined other relationships? When we go into something new with the same bad habitats and past pains, we are simply holding the door wide open for disaster. We are inviting the enemy in for some coffee and telling him, “Yeah, I know this person is new BUT I refuse to grow from my past mistakes and heal from anything so we’re going to ruin this one just like the other ones, okay?” Treat all new things as if they were new!? Matthew 9:17 states
  • Enjoy Life!
    • So let me first ask you this question? How can you even meet someone sitting in the house complaining how you are going to be single forever? Leave the 20 cats and the I’m going to die alone memes in cyberspace and go explore the world! Everything activity related does not have to always be couple based, why wait when you can do it all now!? I say this all the time, God is patient and life is not so waste it? Your single years are for you to discover what you like, love, and can live without. They are for you discover hidden talents, pick up new hobbies and start new projects. It is time to discover who you want to be and become every aspect of that person. Take a vacation or a staycation, read new books, invest in yourself, workout, and just become the happier version of you! Plus, I am sure your future partner will love that smile on you.
  • Draw Closer to God!
    • Us single folk, lol are supposed to be the closest to him due to the fact we have time to develop that foundation! When you are married (if you are even seeking marriage) your life enters into an entire new realm. It is no longer solely about taking care of you, and your spiritual life but, now your husband’s/wife’s and children. Along with, an entire list of so much more. Draw close to Him and He will direct you in every decision. He only wants the very best for you, and if you allow Him, He will only bring you the very best. So, when it is time to enter your next relationship, you will have the wisdom you need to choose the right partner.

"And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the old skins would burst from the pressure, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine is stored in new wineskins so that both are preserved."

To break it down further, why are you placing new experiences into the same old box? It is like storing fresh food in a dirty container that has never be cleaned! You’re just making more of mess. So please place everything in its respected places, and leave everything in the past, where it belong. Besides, how can you see the beauty in front of you if you keep staring at what’s behind you? Think about it…

And lastly,

These five tips are currently what I am doing, during my season of singleness. I encourage you to enjoy this time, because once you are married with kids there will be no going back!

Love you guys so much,


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