5 Times One Tree Hill Reminded Us That Everything Will Be Okay

5 Times One Tree Hill Reminded Us That Everything Will Be Okay

"This is a place where everything's better and everything's safe."

On November 13, the ladies of One Tree Hill stood together as allegations of sexual harassment were exposed on the show's creator, Mark Schwahn. In the letter written by the ladies, they reminded us that Tree Hill is supposed to be a place where "everything's better and everything's safe."

Here are a few of the many times that One Tree Hill reminded us that everything was going to be okay:

1. When Brooke finally gets what she deserves.

2. When Clay finally gets Logan back.

3. RAIN.

4. When Lucas realizes who he wants standing next to him when all his dreams come true.

5. When Nathan returns home after being held hostage.

So no matter who broke whose heart, who died, or who was attacked by a psychopath, Tree Hill is and always will be a place where everything's better and everything's safe.

To the ladies that have come forward and spoken up about the terrible actions of Mark Schwahn, we commend you for your bravery, and we all support you.

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10 Cool Facebook Messenger Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Facebook Messenger does have hidden features, which are exciting and useful at the same time. The features do add a lot of value to the Mess

Facebook is not just any other social networking site. Its role in the present is largely diversified. However, one common factor that binds all users is the platform’s ability to bridge the communication divide. 

2 billion active users clearly indicate Facebook’s popularity and the numbers are set to increase. In a  bid to present the users with a more proactive platform to stay connected, FB has its own Messenger app. 

The Messenger is a widely used app and it does have its own share of characteristics that are impressive at best. 

Are you by any means familiar with all of them? 

Facebook Messenger has undergone a lot of changes, since its inception. Within the app, there some really cool features that you might not be aware of. There is nothing wrong if you have no inkling of the hidden features. 

Here is a list of the Facebook Messenger tricks that will surely let you impress your friends. 

So, let’s begin the proceedings folks. 

10 Insanely Cool Messenger Features 

1. Now easily chat with bots: Chat extensions within the Facebook Messenger lets you converse with bots individually and in groups. The bots follow your behavior pattern, in order to better understand your needs.

For instance, you can chat with Poncho- The weather cat chat bot lets you know about the weather forecasts and does have a penchant to come up with some offbeat replies. 

2.  Secure your conversations: Facebook Messenger now offers you an opportunity to have conversations, in complete secrecy. The end to end encryption makes it difficult for the hackers to access or read the messages.

Next time, you want to share some secret information, you can certainly use this feature. As for activating this feature, all you have to do is to click on the Secret tab, on the top right. You also have the option to self-destructing messages, which disappear after a few seconds. For messages to self-destruct, you have to click on the clock icon.  

3.  Scribble chat for a change: Tired of the same old font? Well, you can try the Scribble Chat that lets you send customized text messages with animated fonts and effects. Your friends will surely like the way you chat with them now, using the unique fonts.

To turn your messages into 3D fonts, open the conversation and hit the +button in the bottom right corner. Once you are there, swipe left and select Scribble Chat. 

4. Post cute pictures to cheer someone: Is your sister or girlfriend feeling a bit low? Well, there is a way to cheer them up, by sending a cute picture of cat or dog. You can get the image by typing the words- @Dailycute in the message box. You can then choose a random picture and caption it to send an adorable message.

5. Titillate your brains with a game of chess: Want to play a game of chess? Well, Facebook Messenger does let you play a game of chess with your friends. To play the game of chess on Messenger, you have to type - @FBChess in the messenger search box. Your friend will then get notified with a message, requesting them to make the first move.

By using a few specific codes, you can make the moves and this gives you an opportunity to show your skills and impress your friends. 

6. Mute Messenger notifications: Facebook Messenger allows you to mute notifications for a certain period of time. Depending on your preference, you can mute the notifications for 15 Mins, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours or until you turn it back on.

This feature comes in handy when you are in the middle of a meeting and don’t really want to get disturbed. It appears to be a good option, especially when you are busy in an important conversation. Once the meeting ends, you can change the notification with relative ease. 

7. If emoji isn’t enough: Conventional emojis in Facebook Messenger have lost their essence. What you do need is a newer and bigger version of emojis! This is possible, for which all you have to do is to press the emoji and in a few moments, see it expand. It is not really something that is out of the world. But at least, the whole emoji thing getting bigger is a sight to behold.

8. You can even send money via Messenger: Is your friend in dire need of some money? One useful feature of Messenger is that you can send or receive money, without having to waste any precious time. The transaction mode is completely secure.

To send money to your friend, open the chat and gently tap on the blue + icon and select the green payment icon. You are then required to set up the payment account. When you are done, tap and make the payment, using your ATM card. 

Your friend will instantly receive the money, without having to face any major delays. 

9. Inspire somebody with good music: Music has the power to inspire everyone. Now, you can connect your Spotify account with your messenger chat. By doing so, you will be able to share your Spotify music such as songs or any playlist. Your friend will get a link, which they click to listen to the songs.

It might work and your friend might get inspired in the end. If you are doing some good work for your friend, the act really matters a lot. 

10. Play Basketball like a pro: Have you tried the hidden Facebook Messenger Basketball game Yet? You must give it a try. It is exciting and addictive at the same time. However, you do need the latest version of Messenger. To play the game, you just need to send a friend a basketball emoji. Once you click on the sent b-ball, it will then automatically launch the game.

Compete with your friend and you are bound to like it by many miles. 

Author Bio – Sam Anderson is a US-based independent technical expert and consultant. Being an active blogger, he writes everything that is happening around and consciously tries to examine the role of social media and its immediate impact.  For facebook help, you can contact us.

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What I Learned About Love From My Parents.

Warning, this isn't what you think it might be.

There's a lot of things your parents are meant to teach you as you start this long journey into life. Some of those things are the basics: Walking, Talking... Using the bathroom properly, Cooking, Work Ethic. And then there's some things that they teach you without ever meaning to. Faith, Patience, Empathy.... Some of those things I got. Some of those things... Well, I may have missed a lesson or two on. I'm writing this because I feel like children of divorce don't say it often enough, we have two worlds to live in. One we talk about, and one we never do.

I blame my parents divorce on both parties equally. My father was an alcoholic, abusive. Verbally, mentally and sometimes physically. And I think that was due to the fact that no one ever told him no, no one ever slowed him down. I wish someone had though, because I hear so often that I'm just like him but all of my memories are skewed by vodka fueled arguments, my brother being thrown and getting his head split open. Sometimes I think to the point that I last saw him and wonder if maybe I had pleaded just right that he would've stuck around.

My mother, God bless her, is always defending herself. Even when she doesn't have to. She's always waiting for someone to attack her in some way shape or form. Because a lot of the things she's done in her life, people have frowned upon. Including me. I'm fairly guilty of having no filter and telling people exactly what I think, cutting them wide open with words I never really meant to let loose in moments of stress. But I think that's what makes me feel a little bit better about the whole thing. Despite hurting her, I don't tell her much that she doesn't know. Does that make me a bad kid?

But with all of these things combined, I learned a lot of things about love. You can love many people in your life, deeply as you did the one before, truly as the very first. My mother is a prime example, having given her heart over and over. And over again. She's never really given her all to someone long enough for them to stick around, but she's quietly left a piece of herself with each individual. And that in of itself has made its mark on a number of fools. She's fierce each time, giving, caring. Until she's just not. Until she decides it's time to move on and start over.

My mother also taught me an invaluable lesson about fidelity. That it's not finite no matter how much you love someone. You could be madly in love and still be swayed by the desire to romantically involve yourself with someone who intrigues you and entices your nervous system. The brain, and the heart combined with your libido makes you do some honestly silly things. I've watched my mother do this.... well a handful of times in my life. Each time explaining that she just needed to be sure. Although I'm not entirely positive she ever got the answer to that.

My father taught me that no matter how much you love someone, you still will leave them if you just don't feel like being there. To really love and to stay in love you have to stay involved. It's work, and work was just something he could hang with. I remember one time asking why he couldn't just stop drinking. He said that the alcohol was the only thing that loved him exactly the way that he was, no questions asked. Failing to realize that despite the alcohol and everything else, I loved him like that, too.

Being an addict makes you harder to love because you have to be willing to commit yourself to getting better. Another thing my father just didn't have it in him to do, and he died because of complications from alcoholism, Hep C, cirrhosis. Part of me wonders if he even had a liver left when he went. I wouldn't know, I didn't show up to say goodbye even after the tearful invitation from a step-mother I never wanted to meet because I feared the things I would say about the man who raised me would forever stain her memory of him.

Watching my parents, as I grew older, taught me a lot of things. But one thing for certain. We are our parents, in our own little ways. I am ferocious with words, like my mother. And I love hard, just like her. I give everything to the people I care for, but instead of expecting things like respect and company in return, all I ever expect is for people to love me just as much. I have my father's smile. I hear that so often it could really be the truth. I also have my father's ability to bury my feelings and subject someone else to my anger when they all bottle up.

And what all of this taught me about love is that we cannot seek it. I watched them both fumble for it in some obscene search for stability in forms that they both craved desperately. My father, until his death. My mother, choosing to settle on my stepfather who kept her locked under his thumb. It took me a long time to learn that I needed to just let love in, in all of its forms and let the people who were going to love me exactly as I was find their way to me, not the other way around. I know it's such a cliche that you find it when you least expect, but honest to God, it's the truth. 

Love is not a commodity you pick up on the street, it is not this thing you can just grasp in your hand to hold like a gift from santa, these ideas that people teach us that love is this uplifting thing is so out of tune with what it really is. Love is a blessing, something to be cared for. Love is compromise, and learning to accept that the one you care for the most is going to do things to disappoint you and accepting that that is okay. Love is staying up all night, even when it's making your brain numb, to care for someone else when they aren't feeling lovable. Love is a duty, a responsibility as much as it is a joy and an honor.

If I have anything to thank my parents for teaching me, it is that I will never settle for anything less that a relationship where two people give it their all and never let eac 

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