5 Thoughts Every College Student Has When Summer Ends

With summer coming to its eventual end, there are some thoughts that consistently arise with the changing seasons and the return to the college routine.

1. How was that four months?


Time passes faster in summer, I swear! Before you know it, the end of August is here, and it doesn't even feel like you've been home for four months.

2. I didn't appreciate my free time enough.


This is a constant battle I have. I'm always worrying about not doing enough—about not appreciating the time I have when I have it—and unfortunately, the return of classes means I have less of that precious time. There will always be a book I didn't get to, a television series I didn't start, a place I didn't visit.

3. I'm not ready for endless work again.


I still have horror flashbacks when I think about finals week. And that was four months ago. I'm so not ready to have pages upon pages of readings and heavy exams on my schedule.

4. I am ready to see my friends again.


The silver lining, I suppose! You do get to see everyone you've missed over the break and catch up on all that lost time.

5. At least I have syllabus week to relax...


Yeah, until your professors kick into full gear on the third day. Let's face it. Summer is over, and they're way too thrilled about being back to take it slow.

Good luck with this school year, everyone.

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