I have been a Lifeguard for seven years, and I also have taught swim lessons. I am not a full - time lifeguard, however, I have had my fair share of different experiences as a guard. With those different experiences, they have taught me how to handle various situations and how to deal with many different people. Also, being CPR and First Aid certified does look great on a resume! Throughout my various rotations and time spent on the stand, it is not uncommon for various things to pop into my mind. Sitting on a stand for twenty-five minutes at a time and staring at the same body of water, can become tiresome on the mind and cause it to wonder.

1. Keeps checking (with peripheral vision) the lock to see how much longer you are on rotation

At our pool, we have music that plays, and going off of the length of the songs (about 3-4 minutes), I roughly estimate how long much longer I have!

2. "Kid, don't do that!"

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Whenever there seems to be a kid that breaks a rule or is about to, this thought always crosses my mind!

3. Did I put on sunscreen?

On the really hot days on the stand, I will sometimes look at my skin and think about this. I am usually pretty good about this, but in the rush of getting up on the stand, I sometimes forget. Don't want to be getting skin cancer anytime soon!

4. It's sooooo hot

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On them scorching hot summer days, this thought never hesitates and that water starts to look really good to jump into!

5. What am I going to do for supper?

After working a long and hot day, this is important!