5 Things You'll Relate To If Your Sister Is A Hairstylist

5 Things You'll Relate To If Your Sister Is A Hairstylist

She may be crazy, but at least your hair looks bomb.

If you have a sister, you know that life can be a little crazy with them. From stealing clothes to chewing too loud, sisters can be a pain. Can you imagine if your sister was in charge of your hair? Well, that's my life. Here are five things you can relate to if you grew up with a sister who doubled as your hairdresser.

1. All of a sudden, you start to feel phantom burning sensations on your neck.

Because it's never their fault and she "didn't even touch you" with the curling iron. "Stop being a baby." "You're fine! It's just a third-degree burn!"

3. No matter how hard you worked on your hair, you should've done something different.

If you curled it, there's definitely a few curls that are wonky that need to be fixed. If you straightened it, you for sure missed a spot. Just leave the iron on so she can fix it because you already know it's going to happen. If you blow dry it, you definitely are using the wrong brush, cause why does it look like that? Maybe it's the product... "what product is in this? None? Just start over." If you let it air dry, why didn't you blow dry it? And, of course, it doesn't matter when you last washed your hair it's probably greasy somewhere.

3. Somehow, you always end up the guinea pig.

Even though all you wanted was a simple touch up to get rid of your roots, you're now a part of a brand new technique that she just learned because it's going to make it look "so much better." I will give it to my sister though, it did end up looking much better. Nonetheless, it was terrifying.

4. You drenched every time she washes your hair.

It's probably best if you don't wear makeup when getting your hair done because, by the time she rinses out the color and washes your hair, it'll be gone. Also, don't wear a nice shirt, because that'll be soaked too. Honestly, just get in the shower and wash out the color yourself. It'll be so much easier on both of you.

5. You always had great hair.

I knew how to curl my hair before any girl in my grade and all of my girlfriends would come over before school dances so my sister would do their hair. I had red dip dyed tips in 7th grade and a purple extension in 8th. You rocked the cool looks before they were cool. And when you grow up, and your sister becomes your best friend, then getting your hair done gets even better. And sometimes she'll feed you dinner after.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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What I Learned About Millennials And Makeup

What This Generation X Gal Learned in Her 40’s.

Millennials and Make-up: What This Generation X Gal Learned in Her 40’s

During my years in graduate school, I was one of three women in Generation X. These women, albeit amazing and wonderful, were family women, attached and often times, difficult to get to know. I found myself, begrudgingly, focusing on making friends with women in their early 30’s. To my surprise, these Millennials had much to offer. Although they would often seem distant or aloof, once I got to know them, their vulnerability was palpable. They saw me, not as mom or big sis, but as the strong woman they wanted to be, which was laughable because I was phoning that shit in daily. They reached out, asked me my opinion on most matters, but also checked in on me, wanted to know how I was doing and how my family was, which was mind blowing because the Millennial generation is not known for their empathy. I found myself diving in wanting to know more about this culture.

I became close with two in particular: Crystal and Candice. In and out of class, although tired and spent from a day at work, had their makeup complete. Candice’s makeup was always pristine with a look as if a make-up artist had perfected it before class. Crystal’s make-up had a “natural” flare and never needed retouching.

Initially, I avoided conversation with most students in my classes. As an introvert, it was difficult for me to engage in basic conversation, but after hearing their intelligent and witty comments in class, I pursued their friendship. I discovered these women were searching for the same things I was: knowledge, respect and a chance at a better life, in a world filled with struggle and sadness. The makeup was not a form of hiding or cultural obligation, but it provided them focus and empowerment.

After graduation, Candice and I went to her uncle’s cabin up at Lake Harmony. We went into town to walk around and check some things out, there was an event going on and some vendors were selling their goods. A jewelry vendor, who was probably from Generation Y pointed at my friends’ eyebrows and said, “I love your eyebrows.” I had always noticed, Candice took great care with her eyebrows, were perfect. My eyebrows were throwbacks to Brooke Shields in the 80’s. I thought the Generation Y girl was joking when she asked her about her eyebrows, but I could see she was admiring her, ogling her skill. I turned to Candice and said, “Is that a thing?” She replied, “Yeah, it’s a thing.” Women, admiring other women’s eyebrows, who knew? Women complimenting each other, empowering one another, I believe, is part of the new wave of feminism. These women are not working on their makeup to impress men or even other women; they do it to feel good about themselves and to gain a skill for life.

Candice and Crystal led me to YouTube where I discovered a woman in her forties who has an autoimmune illness, as I do, who is producing videos on how to do your makeup in your mid-life. She’s beautiful before and after makeup and she empowers her audience to be their best selves on a level I never would have given credence to as a feminist. I used to feel that Millennial women hid themselves in the wild, with makeup, now I have learned the value of showing off your mad skills and the truth of “putting your best face forward.”

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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6 Colorful Hair Dye Trends You're Already Calling Your Salon For

*Calls hair stylist*

If you love colorful hair, and, like me, have spent hours admiring different colors and styles on Pinterest, then you need to see these hair dye trends. They are imaginative, beautiful, and very inspiring for your next trip to the salon.

1. Split Hair

This hair dye trend gives you the best of both worlds. You can have any combination of colors and not have to choose just one!

2. Sunset Hair

Sunset hair reminds me of Mardi Gras and King Cake. The colors are so pleasing and mesmerizing, and you won't have to look out the window for the sunset, you can just look in the mirror!

3. Underlayer Dye

This trend is for a more subtle look. You can dye just the underside of your hair so that the color can only be seen when in a ponytail or bun. Business on top, party underneath!

4. Dyed Bangs

This is another less extreme option. You can leave your hair its natural color and just dye your bangs. Or, like the picture, you can go all out and have two colors that compliment each other.

5. Colorful Highlights

This trend is just what it sounds like, and consists of one color as the base, with another brighter color as the highlights. Pink and yellow is my favorite combination for this trend.

6. Subtle Color

Another very understated and elegant option is to add some subtle hints of color throughout the hair. It almost blends in with the hair, but upon closer inspection opens up into layers of color.

Cover Image Credit: pixabay.com

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