I am proud of what I have skill in. There are some things that make me proud to be who I am. But then there are those certain parts of me that are so weak. There is a whole lot that I fail at every time I try, so here's just a few of them!

1. Math

As a future teacher, I have had to sharpen my math skills in order to pass a test that determines if I am able to keep this career or live my life miserable in a cubicle. I did not know that simply having poor ability in math had the power to stop me from living my dreams. Not to mention, math is simply from the devil.

2. Roller skating

A lot of my youth was spent trying to roller skate and failing miserably. I am the person who has to keep a firm hold on the wall or else I will literally break every bone in my body. I guess I am just too clumsy unfortunately.

3. Swimming

This is one that is kinda embarrassing. But ya know, it is what it is. As a kid, I was too terrified of drowning that my anxiety wouldn't let me retain how to swim and get better at it. Therefore, I fail at it now. Will this matter in the future? Probably. Am I still going to take risks and go scuba diving, etc? Obviously. Here's to hoping I do not drown!

4. Focusing

I am constantly daydreaming not only in class but literally every other moment of time in which I should be focusing on something. My brain is so full of thoughts and it drives me crazy. I procrastinate a lot of the time simply because I cannot focus on something for long enough.

5. Living off of little sleep.

There are so many nights in college that require me to stay up late. Whether it be projects or hanging out with people, nights are usually full. I have spent long nights doing homework until the early morning and then I have wanted to sleep all day the next day. I am not one of those people who can get four hours of sleep a night and be fine. I need my treasured six to seven hours a night. Wish it weren't the case because I am a night owl with a lot to do!