Although you may think that the start of the semester is a fresh start and just fun and games, you haven't realized all the things that will bring you stress. Even though it may not be as stressful as writing your 10-page final paper, or studying for two finals in one day, these stressors will definitely have you freaking out for a week.

1. Not knowing where any of your classes are or how to get there

2. Looking around in your classes for anyone who you know, or are familiar with so you don't have to sit alone

3. Debating whether or not to go out the night before you have a 9 a.m.

4. Thinking of a fun fact to share during your first day, and realizing your not a twin or ambidextrous so you realize you are incredibly boring and normal

5. Realizing you will be drowning in work the whole semester and might never leave the library