The sun is out, the skies are blue, and the beach is calling your name. Summer is just around the corner, but sometimes pulling out the flip flops just isn't satisfying enough. I know you're ready to pull your hair out as the teacher lectures, so while you wait on classes to end, here are five things you can do to get you in the summer mood.

1. Get (or give yourself) a pedicure.

There is nothing that makes sandals more enticing than giving your feet a little TLC! I don't know about you, but I tend to ignore those tiny little beauties when I don't see them all winter. My favorite at-home is letting them soak in hot water full of coconut and eucalyptus oil, then rubbing them down with a good pumice stone.

2. Invest in quality sunscreen.

We've all started taking green-living seriously, and one thing that is always chock full of nasty chemicals is sunscreen! Nobody wants to sacrifice their skin, whether to the sun's rays or to toxic skincare. Here, I've found a list of six brands that will take your sun-bathing to the next level.

3. Go shopping.

Let's face it, whether you're buying a new swimsuit or another flowery sundress, buying new clothes for summer always puts you in a good mood.

4. Hit up your local farmer's market.

I already love fruits, but summer always brings it to a different level! My apartment gets an overload of melons, berries, and greens, and my husband usually complains about a lack of Cheez-Its. As the days get longer, farmer's markets roll in the fresh produce, and you won't regret paying a little extra for the good stuff.

5. Get outside.

The short, bleak days of winter are gone, and that means that there are no more excuses for you to sit in your room watching Netflix all day. Go for a walk. Smell the flowers. Feel the sun on your face. Run around. Ride a bike. Get out of your sweats and out of the house, because summer is almost here!