5 Things I Bought on Amazon prime day that i definitely don't need

5 Things I Bought on Amazon prime day that i definitely don't need

Did I spend more money then I should during Amazon Prime? yes. Do I care? A little but I'm not going to let you know.


Anyone who is anyone knows that this past week was Amazon Prime Day. The day where all Amazon Prime users rejoice in reduced prices and fast shipping because we give Amazon a little (or a lot) of our money every month. As I gleamed in happiness at all my Amazon buys, I realized that I don't need any of this stuff....

Amazon Echo


I mean Alexa is nice and everything, but it just gives me one more reason to never get up from my bed... because I also bought an Amazon Fire Stick to match my Amazon Echo, and now that I think about it - it also goes pretty well with the Roku I already have.

This Thermos


This thermos was really cheap, and Amazon thought I would really like it, and of course, I buy everything Amazon tells me to. Especially on Prime Day. I don't really pack my lunch in containers though, so this will probably end up in a cabinet of other kitchen things I don't use, like my food scale, protein powder, and other things that make me feel like I have my life together

These Bathroom Wall Decals


These bathroom wall decals that I actually do not think are the worse thing I bought on Amazon Prime Day. They are actually probably the best thing I bought on Amazon Prime Day.

These Fancy Spoons


These fancy spoons that I thought would make me seem refined and cultured, but really just end up look odd among my dollar store utensils.

This Book on Adulting


I saw this book and thought this is exactly what I need - a step-by-step guide to getting my life together - but as soon as it arrived I placed it among my shelf of other books I bought, but don't have time to read. However, now that I've reflected on the absurd amount of money I spent on Amazon Prime Day, I should probably go read that book.

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Is "Black Mirror's" Ashley O. Also Hannah Montana?

Is it really the best of both worlds?


Netflix's original series Black Mirror just released its fifth season on their streaming service. If you aren't familiar with the series it is a look at the advantages and disadvantages that advances in technology can have in our near future.

One of the episodes from the newest season features talented actress and singer Miley Cyrus. She plays a character named Ashley O that is a very famous pop singer that wears a bright pink wig and is always spreading messages of positivity. Her character feels as if she is having to play this perfect role that isn't genuinely her.

If you are a Hannah Montana fan you might already be seeing the similarities between these two characters.

In Disney Channel's Hannah Montana we see Miley having to live a double life as a normal teenager and a rockstar. She wears a blonde wig when she plays this Hannah Montana character.

Both characters have to play a role in which they feel isn't their genuine selves. They also both wear wigs that conceal who they really are or their true identity. In real life after Hannah Montana, we saw the actual Miley Cyrus go down this rabbit hole of discovering who she really is and breaking this little miss perfect Disney mold. In this episode, we see Ashley O do the same thing as she starts trying to break away from this always perfect character and start to embrace her dark side. By the end of the show, we see she has fully embraced her dark side as the new and improved Ashley Fucking O.

I believe that the producers were trying to make an obvious nod to her previous role as Hannah Montana in this episode.

But are they the exact same character? We can see several similarities, but I guess we will never know.

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