5 Things I Am Hoping For In 2020

The year 2020 can be a new start for everyone. This is a new year and a new decade, so it can be a new you. It is very important to layout your goals for the year so you can accomplish them.

Always keep your priorities in line and start every day with a good mindset. Having a positive outlook on this year can help you power through and be a better you! This year is our year, so let's accomplish our goals, enjoy all the little moments, and study hard!

Completing Goals



Completing goals has always been so important to me. I have always been the person to stay organized and make list for everything. I try to always complete what I have set for that today. When you stay on top on your tasks, it makes you feel so more relaxed. You do not have to stress when you get it done early.

Completing goals can be so simple but give you such a big relief. Always staying on top of your task, can make things so much easier for you. When you complete your goals, it makes you feel so much accomplished. It keeps you motivated and helps you stay on task. This is a very good goal, and everyone should try making list to help them stay organized.

Better Grades



Grades are such important thing when you are in college. Grades are very important to me because I have to keep them very high because I am applying to nursing school. Everyone in college should want to keep your grades good. It is very important to be successful throughout college, because you never won't to re take anything.

Studying is very important to keep this up. People have to find what is the best way to study for them because everyone is different. Once you find your way and put in the time, you will accomplish good grades. This is a very important goal for me in 2020.

Going To A Concert



Going to concerts have always been such an enjoyable thing to me. I mean who does not love singing and having a blast to your favorite artist live in concert. Concerts are such a fun thing that everyone needs to experience. They are so fun, and it is something you will never forget.

I cannot wait to go to a concert this year. My boyfriend actually surprised me this year with one of my favorite christian singers. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received. I got concert tickets last year for Christmas too. Tickets are the best gifts you ever receive it is a experience you will not forget.

Being More Active



Living a healthier lifestyle has always been important to me, but I never stick to it. Everyone should always try to eat there very best and be as active as possible. Everyone needs to stick by this because putting bad things in your body is only hurting yourself. 2020 is about self care.

Being more active, is a very important goal for me. Not only do I want to eat healthy, but also I want to try to be more active. It is not about losing weight or a diet; it is about being a healthier person. Growing up, you start to realize how bad things can actually be for you. Always remember to think about what you are putting in your body.

Being Present In the Moment



Being presence in the moment should be everyone's goal for 2020. This is such an important thing that everyone should understand. You never know what could happen any moment in time. You need to always enjoy the time you get to spend with your family and friends.

Being presence is important to make sure you enjoy all your time you have on this world. You never know when something can change in a moment of time. Anything can happen at any moment, so always enjoy and cherish every moment you have. Also, you never need to take anything for granted.

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