5 Things I Hate Paying For
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5 Things I Hate Paying For

Why is this so expensive?

5 Things I Hate Paying For

Being a student reminds me how much I hate spending money on things I don’t want to need. From shelling out $50 for a textbook that’s only available in the bookstore because my professor wrote it to spending money on laundry and transportation, it is undeniable that college, or living in general, is really expensive.

I came to write this article after I broke my beloved Tufts Nalgene water bottle (I reported to my friends that “my water broke” for laughs). The bottle I spent the past two years lugging around with me everywhere finally snapped at the cap’s handle. This Nalgene has fallen on concrete from a few feet off the ground, has survived tumbling down the stairs, has endured being shoved carelessly into my bag countless times, and yet, what brings me to replace it is that its handle broke after I put too much pressure on it. Classic.

I remember this bottle was the first piece of Tufts merchandise I purchased, since it was the only item I could justify spending money on in the bookstore. After all, I’d be using it all the time, so I decided to just get one. I was convinced it would last forever. While it is still completely usable (I just can’t hold it by the handle anymore), I figured I would have to save myself the embarrassment of carrying around a broken water bottle and had to now face the reality that I would pay for a new one.

But that made me think – gosh, I know I have to get a new one but I just don’t like needing to shell out X amount of dollars to pay for it! It’s just not FUN to get a new water bottle! Sure, it’s a necessity (not to mention it helps the environment #gogreen), but it’s such a drag to pay for it. This whole situation got me thinking about all the other things I don’t like paying for, just because they’re things I know I need and don’t like to replace.

Things can get so expensive, and here are a few necessities that always make life a little more pleasant and easy, but still induces some cringing as I swipe my credit card:


Water bottle. So essential, so magnificent, but so expensive sometimes. You’re convinced they last forever, especially with the price point, but sadly it just isn’t true.


New earbuds. Especially the ones that come with any new Smartphone. I always like these earbuds because they stay out of my hair when I’m working out and have the volume functionality on the wire. However, I find that they just stop working after a certain amount of time. Every pair I’ve ever owned has always stopped working, whether they were Apple or Android earbuds. I have a particular physical aversion to paying for these in particular because they are ridiculously expensive for a new set! Apple earbuds run for about $30 new, and even though I hate buying them, I know it’s a necessity for me as I am always in need of a soundtrack.


Cough medicine/Advil. Living in college dorms and perpetually being in a state of stress has made these a definite top item for me. But they’re just so pricey! To save a few bucks, I try to avoid buying them at drugstores in college areas, since items in those stores are usually pricier (businesses sure know how to make money off of college students!). It’s just another added cost I have to think about every year, but it helps me fight off any sickness I may get.


New mascara. There is a rule in the beauty world that you are supposed to dispose of a mascara every 3 months because of all the bacteria that can build up in the tube. Mascara is a staple in my makeup collection, and of course, I want to keep my eyes healthy so I follow this rule (okay, maybe I extend it to a month or two later). Sure, I always love trying novel makeup, but of course, it is a rather expensive hobby. Knowing that I should only keep a tube of mascara for 3 months, though, keeps me from shelling out more money for a high-end product. I just stick to drugstore to manage this expense.


New lip balm. Here’s the thing – I know many people who have the problem of constantly misplacing their lip balms since they’re always in use. However, I don’t lose them often, so when I cannot find mine, I spend a lot of time searching for it. There are some items I know I keep track of well, and my lip balm is one of them. In the end, though, when I come to terms with the fact that my beloved lip balm is gone, it’s always imperative for me to get a new one just because having chapped lips is one of the most uncomfortable things for me.

Can you relate? What other goods do you not like paying for?

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