There are many things that come with being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. But if you identify as a girl and you happen to like girls (even if you like other people, too) there are some special things that you will experience more often than not.

1. Do I have a crush on you or do I want to be you? 

Seeing a girl and thinking she is so hot and you're just like "Damn, she's hot. I love her outfit. I want to kiss her. But I also just want to look through he closet and be her best friend." It is always a internal struggle when you meet a new girl who likes girls because yes, they could be a potential partner, but they could also be your new gay icon.

2. The irrelevant, obnoxious, evil, disgusting monthly friend can DOUBLE when you're dating a girl. 

Even though we know that we're not pregnant, we still get reminded each month. And if periods occur in your life and your partners, you get to deal with this for potentially half the month. (Or you and your bae's cycle will sync up and then World War 3 takes place for a week each month)

3. Everyone assumes you're obsessed with "Orange Is The New Black"

Yes, OITNB is a great show. But just because I am a girl who likes girls doesn't mean that it is my favorite show of all time...but if you'd like to cry and go through the 7 stages of grief over Poussey Washington then I'm down.

4. Falling in love with straight girls 

It is the worst. Don't do it. *Does it about 6 times a day*

5. Showing up in the same outfit 

Whether you two are talking, dating, or they're just another gay friend and you show up to each others house and you both have a beanie, t-shirt with the sleeves rolled, and vans on...

6. Outfit struggles in general 

Some of your biggest problems through out the day are making sure your sleeves on your shirt stay rolled, your beanie is perfectly placed on your head and over your ears, your vans/converse/boots stay clean, your hair is in the right place under your snapback, and you have the right amount of buttons unbuttoned on your button down.

7. You were born with a love for Ellen Degeneres 

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8. Sometimes the "Lesbian Inner-circle" is inevitable  

So when you are a girl who likes girls, a lot of times you are also friends with girls who like girls. With that said, sometimes you date your friends. Or your friends date your ex. Or you date your friend's ex. And the cycle goes on and on. The Lesbian Inner-circle is truly an unstoppable force.

9. Tumblr got you through all of middle school, high school, and basically life

10. Seeing (what you assume is) another gay girl and automatically wanting to be friends