Winter break is amazing not because it's only Christmas time, but because it's the time college students can finally breathe. This is the time where all college students finally have the chance to sleep on time, to not stress about classes, and to enjoy every minute (not second guessing if they have something due). It's finally time to stop stressing and enjoy the little time we have before second-semester strikes. These are the five things every college student should do winter break.


Finals week just ended and that means you probably slept for five hours for the whole week. It's time to get the rest you finally deserve.

2. Watch Netflix ALL DAY

You have probably been dying to finish a season of Friends and now you finally have the chance to binge-watch without the guilt.

3. Hang out with your old friends

This is one of the only times you and your friends from back home will all be together during break. Plan out a day where you could catch up and hang out!

4. Throw all of your last semester work in the trash

Say goodbye to that calculus quiz you regrettably failed or the biology notes that made you cry every time you looked at them. It's finally time to say goodbye to those horrible classes and finally move on.

5. Check your grades... after Christmas

It is necessary that you face reality and check your grades. But you can wait after Christmas so you don't ruin your holiday mood.

Winter break is full of freedom for college students, so make sure you embrace this time and rest so you are ready to do college all over again next semester!