5 Things College Students Do On Snow Days, AKA Best Days

Snow days are the best days for college students because they finally allow students to sleep in, and finally feel relaxed instead of running to classes and feeling exhausted. These five things are the best things for any college student to do on snow days!

1. Sleep in

Those alarms are finally turned off and you finally have the ability to sleep in and not feel guilty about skipping class. It's the best feeling for any college student to finally catch up on sleep and not feel bad about it!

2. Have the whole day to study/prepare for the rest of your classes

You have all the time to finally study for that midterm coming up or just catch up on homework, so take advantage of it!

3. Go sledding

Snow days are the times where you could finally be able to sled, and actually enjoy the perks of having a snow day. Take time out of your day have fun and enjoy what the snow day has to offer!

4. Make hot chocolate (with a hint of alcohol)

Hot chocolate is the essential drink of any snow day and if pouring a hint of alcohol in there makes your day any better, go for it!

5. Stay in bed and watch all the movies/shows you want

Stay in and feel super cozy while watching Netflix and binge watch all the shows you missed because of classes and/or being stressed!

Snow days are the best days for relaxing and just catching up on work and making new memories with friends. Every day off for a college student are the days we can finally catch up on sleeping, studying or anything that you generally to be caught up on! Take advantage of it and have fun!

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