9 Things All Bookworms Can Relate To
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9 Things All Bookworms Can Relate To

These should sound familiar to any bookworms or friends of bookworms

9 Things All Bookworms Can Relate To
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If you know a bookworm, or if you are a bookworm, these should ring true!

You hate getting interrupted

Anyone who knows a bookworm, knows better than to interrupt them while they’re reading. There’s absolutely nothing worse for a bookworm then being interrupted at a very good part of the book. It’s hard to pick back up where you left off once you’ve been knocked out of place. This seems to happen often, as people tend to try and start up a conversation with you about the book that you’re reading.

When you say “Hang on, one more page!

This is basically code for “it’ll be a while”. If a bookworm says this to you as you are waiting to leave, you had best find a book of your own to read – because it’s going to be a while. There isn’t really ever a good stopping place in a book. Authors don’t write books with commercial breaks. Your best course of actions is to just wait until your bookworm reaches the end of a chapter.

The worst question is “What’s your favorite book?”

Asking a bookworm what their favorite book is, is the equivalent of asking a parent who their favorite child is. True, some parents do have their favorites, but generally this is a taboo question. There are so many genres, so many authors, and so many different writing styles – resulting in too many books to choose from.

The book is always better than the movie

There are two ways a book-based movie could go – bad, and very bad. While reading the book before watching the movie is good for gaining contextual information, it can make it hard to enjoy the movie. The best way I’ve learned is to view the two as separate entities, and appreciate them both for their separate qualities.

You prefer real books over eBooks

Reading a book from an iPad, iMac, or iPhone is not, and

will not ever be, the same as reading a book that you can see, smell, and

touch. Books generally have a very good ‘book smell’, and turning the pages is

both therapeutic and satisfying. Reading from a hand-held device’s lighted

screen is not as fulfilling as reading printed words.

Bringing books to social events just in case it’s boring

For some, buying shoes is an unhealthy passion that they obsess over. For others, it is the constant need for a new book. Libraries are great in that you have nearly an unlimited amount of no-charge access to books. The downside, however, is having to return them after two weeks. Bookstores are an amazing place where bookworms can browse for their next companion. The downside, however, is that you end up spending more money than you had originally planned to.

Staying up late to finish a book

If the book is good enough, putting it down is very, very hard. This leads to a bookworm staying up until ungodly hours, just to finish the book. When you're little, you might grab a flashlight and read underneath the covers. When you move out and have your own place, you find that the habit has stuck.

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