I am 5 feet, 1 inches tall. I’m 21 years old and I would probably resemble a 12-year old if it weren’t for the crude things coming out of my mouth. Being short has always been a disadvantage, always having to scale the counters just to get a glass or standing on my tip toes to open my high school locker.

My family would constantly poke fun at my height with the basic jokes: “Hey, could you grab me that glass on the top shelf? Oh, wait.” “How’s the weather down there?” Or, my personal favorite, “Wow, you’re a lot shorter than I remember.”

Coming to college, I tried not to be self-conscious about it, but it's hard when the first thing a guy says to me at a party is, “Oh, my God, you are so small. You look like a munchkin.” And then proceeds to use my head as a personal armrest. Or when I’m having a conversation with a friend and two tall guys come over and decide it would be funny to have a conversation over me, as if I’m not standing right there. Also: Big crowds have always been a fear for someone of my height, because you can be easily lost with all the people around you.

However, being short has taught me a few things.

1. Always being heard.

Being short, it's easy for people to talk over you, so I learned that the only way to heard is to be vocal. If you’re speaking and someone interrupts you, don’t back down. Keep talking, talk louder if need be. Spunk. Being short has taught me to have a lot of spunk, you might be small but you’re mighty. What you don’t have in height, makeup in wit!

2. Creativity.

Don't underestimate the things a short person will do to get something they want. Being short means you find new ways of doing simple tasks. You want that bowl on the very top shelf of your cabinet? You bet your ass I will stack things and rock climb walls before I ask anyone to help.

3. Have a sense of humor.

You’re going to have to have a sense of humor when you're shorter than most counter tops. It is comical, sometimes.

4. Find the perks.

Don’t be afraid to use your height to your advantage. At a concert and can’t see anything? Go stand in front of that cute boy. He’ll let you, and because you’re short, you’re automatically adorable. It’s just how it works.

5. People will try and underestimate you, because you're so small.

And it's always the best when they second guess you, and you blow them away with being awesome in all of your vertically-challenged greatness.

Just keep in mind...