5 Things Any Girl In A 'Family Of Boys' Can Relate To Way TOO Much

5 Things Any Girl In A 'Family Of Boys' Can Relate To Way TOO Much

Being the only girl isn't so bad, after all.

Being the only girl in a family of boys is a very interesting, yet fun dynamic to grow up in. There are things you do and go through on a daily basis without even realizing it is because you are the only girl.

1. Mom likes shopping for you the best

Probably the biggest perk!! It gets so old shopping for sweatpants and new gym shoes for sons, but when a daughter wants to go shopping and browse all the cute clothes, Mom's enjoy doing it. There's a better chance you'll get random clothing items or cute décor from your mom that caught her eye while she was shopping for herself.

2. You are tougher and stronger than most of your friends

Of course, you and your brothers love eachother but fights happen within siblings no matter what. If you grew up with only brothers, fights were not only screaming matches but tended to become physical more often than not. Eventually, girls have to learn how to stand their own ground. You are your moms go to for all girly events

Whether it be a shopping trip, nail appointmentor spa day, no one wants to go alone. If you're the only girl you have no sisters to compete against to go with mom. There's nothing better than your parent asking you if you want to tag along on a pamper day!

3. You tended to play more physical sports growing up

Growing up with all boys, whenever you played with them it would always be sports they enjoyed. You never choreographed a dance with them or watched princess movies. Throughout the years, you would learn to love the sports you always played with your brothers. As you grew up, you would join basketball or soccer teams over cheer or dance because its what you know best.

4. Your Dad treated you like a son

Growing up with only brothers, you have to learn to not be too sensitive. Your dad treated you like one of the boys, because it is what he was used to. You went to more major leauge sporting events than most of your friends, because it is what most of your family loved to do, and you came to love it just as much as them.

5. You love every second of it

Everyone's childhood is unique and growing up with only boys makes it even better. You learn to laugh at your mistakes and joke around with their sense of humor.

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18 Things That Happen When You Get A Good Roommate

Not every roommate story is a bad one.

Whenever you hear about roommate stories, they're almost never good, and they usually scare you into never wanting a roommate. "Did you hear her roommate steals her clothes?" "Her roommate doesn't shower!" "Wow, her roommate doesn't talk at all, and doesn't do laundry." From what I hear, there are more bad stories than good. That is why I consider myself lucky, because my roommate is nothing like one of those bad stories. When life hands you a good roommate after talking to about 40 girls through Facebook, a few things happen.

1. You always have someone to talk to.

2. You know each other's schedules, and whenever you both have a break is an exciting time.

3. You'll never have to dance alone.

4. You always have someone to do something with, even if it's just walking down the hall.

5. You both look out for each other, because this is your first time without your parents.

6. You always have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

7. Borrowing each other's things is a daily thing.

8. You TRY to help with each other's homework and assignments.

9. They're encouraging when it comes to boys. (Unless they're a f*ckboy.)

10. They're your biggest support system and your personal cheerleader.

11. They never forget to wish you luck on a big exam.

12. They accept how gross you are in the morning and not so pleasant sometimes.

13. You both know each other's favorite and least favorite things.

14. Leaving each other notes saying goodbye before class if you don't see them is normal.

15. Saying goodbye for breaks is upsetting.

16. Not seeing them all day is upsetting.

17. You have more pictures together than any of your other friends.

18. You found a best friend for life.

Cover Image Credit: Jordan Griffin

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(9/17)The Loss Of A Sibling Is Hard, But Moving Forward Is Even Harder

They are truly never gone.


Last week was my brother's 19th birthday. My brother has been my inspiration since the day he was born. He was not a single child though, he was one of three. My two sisters, Stephanie and Danielle, did not survive. The three of them were born a little over 16 weeks early, my brother being the smallest. My sisters survived around a day, dying within minutes of each other. Their funeral was one of my earliest memories.

Losing siblings is hard, and even harder on parents who have lost their child. No one really knows how to handle it, it is something no one ever wants to experience. It breaks the people affected, and often time its a hole that can never really be filled back in. It's something that your thoughts always wonder back to during that time of the year.

Sometimes you can't help wondering what they would be like if they were still here. Would they be on a sports team? Would they make the funniest faces, would they be able to help you through relationship troubles? Would you fight over who left the crumbs on the counter in the kitchen, or work together to blame the family pet?

I would be lying if I said I did not have these thoughts.

I lost my siblings before I got to know them, many people lose their siblings after they know them. After years and years of memories are formed. Growing up together, forming memories, fighting over who gets shotgun or who gets the last GoGurt, but they left too soon. They did not get to see you graduate, or see you get married, or see you even make an A on your first assignment in school. Going from a family of four to a family of three, all in the blink of an eye.

Grief, is something no one wants to experience, especially when it comes to their own family, their child, their sibling. I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

But this is not the end stage, it is not the end of your life. Your sibling, whether you knew them or not would want you to keep moving forward, to keep making them proud of you. For you to do everything in your power to achieve your wildest dreams. To not give up on your dreams, but to keep pushing harder, not just for them, but for you. Once you stand still in life, you drown, you cannot get back out. Trying to tread through the water is hard, but once you reach the dry land, once you reach the other side, it is relief.

The memory of your sibling will never disappear, but thinking of them will so no longer bring grief, but precious memories. You'll start to see them in people you surround yourself with, your kids, in strangers in your journey of life. It won't happen in a few days, or weeks, or even years, but it will happen one day, but only if you let it.

And trust me, you should let it.

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