Those moments where you think, "Dear Lord, I did not say that..."

1. The drunk text.

You said you were never ever going to talk to that person again. But here you are, and with the help of (a lot) of liquid courage, you'll end up hitting send to that text you definitely should never have written. It's probably going to lead to you having to apologize, explain yourself, or just block someone altogether.

2. The fight text.

Sending angry paragraphs or just snarky passive aggressive ones to your significant other or friends will not only start a fight over text, but also have the chance to be misinterpreted, since people can't read your general tone in your texts. There are definite reasons to get into a fight with someone - but do it in person, or at least, over the phone.

3. The "I miss you" text.

It's probably late at night and you're missing your ex. There's nothing wrong with thinking it, but there are LOTS of reasons you probably shouldn't send it.

4. The shit talking someone behind their back text.

Or basically anything that can lead to blackmail. Don't send anything that can be screenshotted and sent to the person themselves, or that you wouldn't want to say to them directly.

5. The wrong text to the wrong person.

The message about someone to the person you're talking about. The accidental sexts to your parents or grandmother. Things straight out of nightmares.