5 Study Breaks To Take During Finals Week
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5 Study Breaks To Take During Finals Week

Because finals should be more than just a long date with the library.

5 Study Breaks To Take During Finals Week

Finals week can be an extremely stressful week for students. Taking breaks from loooooongggg dates with Howie T., however, may help make designated study time more productive and efficient. Here are some fun ways to relax, de-stress, and enjoy yourself in the midst of the craziness of finals.

1. Check out a chef cooking demonstration, December 8th-23rd.

Stress eating is a very real thing. So why not take out your finals stress by watching famous chefs create delicious food? Tune in to WWL-TV to catch these televised demonstrations each morning between 8 and 9 am- the perfect pre-library treat! Get the schedule here.

2. Take a holiday tour of New Orleans Homes, December 10th and 11th.

Pricey at $40 for advance tickets, but if you're just as eager as I am to see some elaborate Christmas decorations in gorgeous New Orleans homes, it's totally worth it. It's great study motivation, too, because these homes are going to inspire you to want to do big things with your life. Get more ticket information here.

3. Go to the Pelicans vs. Golden State Warriors, December 13th.

After a long day of studying, why not catch a basketball game? Get your tickets to this 7 pm game here.

4. Nola Christmasfest, December 16-30th.

Bring out your inner child with activities like ice skating, carnival rides, a carousel, and even Santa himself! Get in on the festivities here.

5. Running of the Santas, December 17th.

This festival and pub crawl may not be the most effective study break, but it sure does sound fun. Get tickets to dress up like Santa and get a little silly here.

See, there is more to finals week than just endless library time. Happy studying, and good luck!

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