5 Strategies To Stay Engaged In Your Online Classes This Spring Semester
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5 Strategies To Stay Engaged In Your Online Classes This Spring Semester

You CAN do this!

5 Strategies To Stay Engaged In Your Online Classes This Spring Semester
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If you're like me, trying to pay attention to online classes is HARD AF. I am always getting distracted and catch myself off guard almost every class. I decided I needed to change my habits so I started to think of effective ways to help stay engaged in my classes. These tips and tricks helped me a lot and put me back on track!

Turn Off Your Phone or Put It Away!

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The first thing I always do is reach for my phone during class. This is the worst habit I have. It's very convenient because your teacher can't see you, but this pulls all your attention away from your academics! Before class either turn off your phone or give it to your roommate. This way it won't even be a distraction! I promise that you can be away from your phone for a couple hours a day; it's not as hard as it seems!

Study a Little Bit Every Day

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I used to study 3 days before my exams, and that one REALLY HURT. It is hard to retain and remember information if you don't look at it more that 3 days before your exam. After class everyday, read over your notes. It doesn't matter if you do it for 10 minus or 1 hour, anything will help! This way you look at it everyday and will remember it better. You can also try reaching out to classmates and set up a study group!

Pretend Like You're "On Camera" At All Times

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I forced myself to act like I am on camera during class. It helps you actively pay attention. It also helps you eliminate distractions. This way, you can always be paying attention because you're "on camera", so your teacher can "see what you're doing".

Find a Distraction-Free Area

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If you want to engage in your online classes, find a quiet place to take classes at. You will not be able to pay FULL attention if you are in an area where it is noisy and populated. I find peace and quiet in my room or in empty classrooms on campus. This way, there will be no distractions so you are almost forced to pay attention to your classes.

Ask. Questions.

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I was always SO NERVOUS to speak or ask questions in class. But once I started doing so, my teachers learned my names and I was no longer stressed. If I don't understand something, I simply ask a question I am confused about. Teachers LOVE when you ask questions. After all, that's what they are there for. Even just going to office hours with your professor is taking a step in the right direction!

I hope these 5 tips help you suceed in your online classes this Spring! Goodluck!

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