5 Steps Which Can Help Expand Your Business

5 Steps Which Can Help Expand Your Business

It surely is difficult, but all you need is strong business strategy and high determination to boost your business.

It surely is difficult, but all you need is strong business strategy and high determination to boost your business.

No matter whether you just started running a business or you have been working in the field for a long time, there are always new strategies you should adopt to make maximum success in the marketplace. Businesses are not static so improving your business consistently is the best choice. You must balance your time as well know about the right business area to earn in the best possible way.

Regardless, you earn $100 million annually or $10,000, you can go beyond these figures by paying a closer look to these five simple and effective business strategies.

1. Make Research:

No matter what business category you are in, the universal truth for every big and small business is to make research. Make the customers’ needs your first priority. But how would you know about their requirements without making research? Make effective and logical research every now and then to know what your target market is up to. If you even spend only an hour on daily basis, you will start noticing every necessary detail. Once you know about your competitors and your customers’ needs, you will surely stand out.

The key to effective research is paying attention to what your target market requires and what your customers demand.

2. Customer Value:

If you want to build a lasting and successful business then you must provide value to your customers. If you don’t add value to your customers’ lives, your business will enter in “stall mode.” Install mode, you work hard more than 100% but the success rate is low.

It’s okay if you have never paid attention to customer value, but today is a brand-new day to make things right. Before releasing a new product, service, or any offer, ask yourself, “Will this add value to the customers’ lives?” If you think that it will then surely go for it. Otherwise, it is better to go back to the drawing board and remake the ideas.

3. Class Quality Products and Services:

Another way to expand your business is to serve your target customers with high-quality products and services. No matter what your business is, just make sure to fulfill your clients’ demands. When it comes to growing your business, quality is everything.

Spend the time to plan and organize so you can deliver top-notch products. This is how you can ace the game.

4. Cash Flow:

Business funding is a crucial part if you can’t invest in your business then how are you supposed to deliver high-quality products and services to the customers? And how will you pay the bill and give salary to your employees? Whatever business you run, just make sure to have sufficient cash in your bank account so you can spend it on your business immediately whenever needed.

5. Stay Motivated:

Most of the people overlook this point, unaware of the fact that if you have a depressed and stressed mind, you can’t focus on the business properly. Businesses are never consistent, they have ups and downs but if you want to get higher you need to stay positive and motivated. To have a relaxed mind, give some time to yourself and do whatever makes you happy. According to studies, if you spend the time to do what you love, it improves your mood as well as mental health.

Most of the strategies revolve around the customer care, so you must know that if you make your customer happy and satisfied, you can step up the whole staircase within a short span of time.

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To The Nursing Major

Is it all worth it?

"You're going to feel like quitting. You're going to struggle. You'll have days where you'll wonder, 'what's it all for?' You'll have days when people attempt to break you down, or challenge your intelligence, skills and right to be where you are. You'll have moments when you question your own abilities, and perhaps your sanity - but you'll rise. You'll rise, because your strength as a nurse is not determined by one grade, one shift or one job - it's an ongoing journey of learning, honor, humility and a chance to make even the smallest difference in the lives of your patients."

Don't ever give up on achieving your dreams to be a nurse. Keep pushing forward, no matter how hard it is. Nursing is not an easy major. You will have very little, if any, time to do anything other than study. But just think about how great it will feel to connect with a patient, pray with them, and even save his or her life. This will make all of the late night studying, weekly breakdowns, countless cups of coffee, and tests so hard all you want to do is cry, worth it. To see a patient's face light up when you walk in his or her room will make your heart melt and you'll know you chose the right major.

The kind of nurse you will be isn't based on a test grade, it's based on your heart for the people you are caring for. You may have failed a class, but don't let that ruin you. Try again and keep pushing toward your goal. Don't allow others around you to drag you down and tell you you aren't good enough to be a nurse. Show them how strong you are and that you will never give up. There will be days when all you want to do is quit, I know I question my major more than once a week; however, there is a patient out there that needs you and your caring heart. You can do this, have faith in yourself that you can move mountains.

I will say that you definitely must have a heart for nursing. Personally, I want to be a Pediatric Oncologist and work at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Just the thought of those precious children going through the hardest part of their lives, keeps me going so that I can be there for them. I want to be a light to my patients and their families during a dark time. When I feel like giving up, I just think about how many lives I have the chance to touch and I keep on going. So when you feel like giving up, just think about your future patients and how you can make a difference, even if its only for one person. I love the quote from Katie Davis that states, "I will not change the world, Jesus will do that. But I can change the world for one person. So I will keep loving, one person at a time." Even though this quote is about foreign missions, I believe it fits the mold for nursing as well. Nurses have the opportunity to change the world for people everyday. Just remember that, smile, don't give up, and keep pushing toward your goal.

Cover Image Credit: chla.org

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Why I Want To Start My Own Business

The calling to become an entrepreneur has never been stronger.


I've had a few jobs in my lifetime. I can't say I enjoyed any of them. My last job had long hours with 10-hour shifts on average. Something that I learned with my last job is that I don't work well with others. I feel as though I am more capable of working on my own without others to slow me down. I've always been this way, ever since I was a little kid in elementary school. I was known as a 'quiet kid' but I was also known for being much smarter than the rest of the class. I focused on getting my work done early so I could relax while the other kids talked to each other and then struggled to finish their work on time.

See, I've always thought of working with others as a hindrance to my productivity. They bring along their opinions, drawbacks, and doubts. I don't need that. I know exactly how I want something to be done and I don't need anyone else disagreeing with it or trying to tweak it to fit their ideas. You might call this narcissistic but I think of it this way: if you want something done right then do it yourself.

A wise man once told me if you're not working for yourself than your just working for other's dreams. Most people have a boss and that boss doesn't care about your goals. That boss only cares about his own goals. Odds are you won't feel the same urgency to complete your work because it's just a paycheck to you. I find this system to be quite dreary and uninspiring. Your time is the most valuable thing in life. You can always make money back but you can't turn back the clock. Why chip away your effort at something that doesn't serve you?

A few years ago I had a business idea. I felt very good about this idea, sharing it with everyone I came across hoping to gain more insight from those with business experience. I was preparing to go into the School of Entrepreneurship and signed up for a ton of business classes and all the entrepreneurship classes I could take before getting into the program itself. The program starts junior year of college so for the first two years I just had to take care of all the prerequisite classes. I was deadset on becoming an entrepreneurship student. I sent in my application and wrote an essay about my business idea and why I would be a good entrepreneur. I waited and waited until one day my inbox lit up with an email from the program coordinator. Anxious to see the good news I opened the email, only to discover I hadn't gotten in.

With that, my entrepreneurship itch faded away. Doubts and adversity had overcome hope and passion. I started to think that starting my own business was a pipedream, that there was no way I could make this great idea a reality and make millions of dollars before I turned 25. I gave up on business school and switched to something easier - creative writing. I had always been a good writer and I figured I'd give it a shot. I knew it would be easier than business calc and accounting. While the English department has allowed me to expand my creative talents it still feels empty. As I write this article I imagine making a living for myself that is independent of others - I want to become an entrepreneur. The path is yet to be discovered but the seed has been planted.

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