5 Steps Which Can Help Expand Your Business

5 Steps Which Can Help Expand Your Business

It surely is difficult, but all you need is strong business strategy and high determination to boost your business.

It surely is difficult, but all you need is strong business strategy and high determination to boost your business.

No matter whether you just started running a business or you have been working in the field for a long time, there are always new strategies you should adopt to make maximum success in the marketplace. Businesses are not static so improving your business consistently is the best choice. You must balance your time as well know about the right business area to earn in the best possible way.

Regardless, you earn $100 million annually or $10,000, you can go beyond these figures by paying a closer look to these five simple and effective business strategies.

1. Make Research:

No matter what business category you are in, the universal truth for every big and small business is to make research. Make the customers’ needs your first priority. But how would you know about their requirements without making research? Make effective and logical research every now and then to know what your target market is up to. If you even spend only an hour on daily basis, you will start noticing every necessary detail. Once you know about your competitors and your customers’ needs, you will surely stand out.

The key to effective research is paying attention to what your target market requires and what your customers demand.

2. Customer Value:

If you want to build a lasting and successful business then you must provide value to your customers. If you don’t add value to your customers’ lives, your business will enter in “stall mode.” Install mode, you work hard more than 100% but the success rate is low.

It’s okay if you have never paid attention to customer value, but today is a brand-new day to make things right. Before releasing a new product, service, or any offer, ask yourself, “Will this add value to the customers’ lives?” If you think that it will then surely go for it. Otherwise, it is better to go back to the drawing board and remake the ideas.

3. Class Quality Products and Services:

Another way to expand your business is to serve your target customers with high-quality products and services. No matter what your business is, just make sure to fulfill your clients’ demands. When it comes to growing your business, quality is everything.

Spend the time to plan and organize so you can deliver top-notch products. This is how you can ace the game.

4. Cash Flow:

Business funding is a crucial part if you can’t invest in your business then how are you supposed to deliver high-quality products and services to the customers? And how will you pay the bill and give salary to your employees? Whatever business you run, just make sure to have sufficient cash in your bank account so you can spend it on your business immediately whenever needed.

5. Stay Motivated:

Most of the people overlook this point, unaware of the fact that if you have a depressed and stressed mind, you can’t focus on the business properly. Businesses are never consistent, they have ups and downs but if you want to get higher you need to stay positive and motivated. To have a relaxed mind, give some time to yourself and do whatever makes you happy. According to studies, if you spend the time to do what you love, it improves your mood as well as mental health.

Most of the strategies revolve around the customer care, so you must know that if you make your customer happy and satisfied, you can step up the whole staircase within a short span of time.

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I Got Fired For Going After My Desires


*Author’s Note: This piece is a true event that has happened in my personal life. Due to discretion reasons, I will not include real names and locations in this article. Thank you.

Last winter, I was hired for my first official job, ever. Throughout high school, I have only ever babysat, which pays well and I am not complaining about that at all. This job was completely different. I am talking about uniforms; I am talking about work schedules; I am talking about official paychecks with tax reductions, the whole nine yards. I worked at a local ice cream shop that was scheduled to open in the spring, so I was a part of the original employee crew.

After I had been trained and learned the ropes of the shop, that’s when the real fun began. I loved everything about working in that ice cream shop. I acquired social skills by working with my fellow co-workers and interacting with all of the customers that came into the shop. The pay was decent, $8.00/hour over the average minimum wage which is $7.50/hour. Yes, the whole $0.50 raise has made a significant difference especially to someone who pays for their own gas once every other week or so. I eventually earned a raise ($9.00/hour) and was able to start opening the shop. Best of all, between my boss, the manager, and all of the other employees, we became a family. There was never a day where I dreaded to work with anyone. When I did work, it was always a good time filled with laughs and smiles.

Summer was quickly coming to an end and me, along with the other graduating seniors, were beginning to go our separate ways and start college. Most of the other employees that were leaving for college had resigned from their positions. I, on the other hand, decided to stick around for a little while longer because I thought could still work since I was commuting, just not as much as the summer. However, I only worked for about a week into my first semester of college.

This year, I had decided to rush for a sorority. Recruitment weekend fell on Labor Day weekend. I was scheduled to work and my boss had already given 80% of the employees off so they could attend the Made in America festival which fell on the same weekend. When my boss asked me if I could work on Labor Day weekend, it was at the beginning of the summer, long before Labor Day was on anybody’s minds. Since everyone that I worked with knew that I wasn’t going to the festival, my hands were tied. I felt that I had to accept since there weren’t that many people left to choose from to work. I was in a complete pickle, to say the least. Eventually, I contacted my boss and told him about my dilemma. I told him that I chose not to come into work because I wanted to rush and see if I had the chance of getting into a sorority that would present me with millions of amazing opportunities. He was not happy with me at all. In fact, I have never seen him so disappointed in the whole four months that I had worked for him. He told me that since I am not coming in that would mean I would have to turn in my key that I had to open the shop.

After I turned in my key, four weeks had gone by and no one had contacted me to come into work and I had stopped receiving the weekly schedule. After the fifth week of not hearing from anyone, I finally contacted another coworker and asked them for the schedule. I found out that I had been permanently removed from the schedule altogether. I called my boss asking about what the heck happened. He basically told me that he no longer trusted me and I would have to earn the trust back. I was fired without officially being fired.

At first, I was furious for the fact that I was never officially fired. Also, the conversation was over the phone, not face to face. Eventually, I realized that I was not missing out on anything. It sucks being fired, but if I never joined my sorority, I would not be as happy with my life as I am today.

The moral of the story is that you should never be afraid to leave the job you have to pursue something of your interest. I knew for a fact that I was not going to spend the rest of my life working in an ice cream shop. I am in a way thankful that I was fired. Now, there are bigger and better opportunities waiting for me and I cannot wait to see what is in store for my future as a young adult.

Cover Image Credit: Matthew Hamilton

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6 Tips On How To Be A Successful Restaurant Hostess

Don't let your fears get the best of you!

Congratulations! You've just been offered your very first job as a restaurant hostess! Now what? I'll admit, I went home crying after my first day of training due to feeling very overwhelmed with a bunch of new information that I was expected to know immediately. However, while there IS a lot you'll have to learn in order to be a successful restaurant hostess, that doesn't mean you don't have what it takes to master the role.

To make you even more confident in your ability to succeed, check out the following list of 6 tips on how to be a successful restaurant hostess!

1. Know your table numbers!

As a hostess, you'll need to know the order of the tables in your restaurant so that you can seat your guests as quickly as possible. Note that the specific order of the tables may vary depending on how many people are in your restaurant.

Tips for success:

Remember, learning your table numbers takes practice, and you won't be expected to know all of them the first few times around. To help with the memorization process, make friends with as many of the other hosts/hostesses as you can. After you feel like you've gotten to know them a bit more, ask one of them to walk you around the restaurant to help you learn your table numbers. Finally, familiarize yourself with the order of the tables (i.e. ascending or descending), and you'll be all set!

2. Master the art of rotation.

While knowing your table numbers is one skill you'll need to have mastered, the art of rotation is another. This can be a tricky process only if you aren't given enough opportunities to practice it. Basically, when you're in charge of rotation, you're in charge of making sure that every server gets an equal number of tables assigned to them.

Tips for success:

If it's extremely busy, you'll have no choice but to seat whatever tables are currently open. On a more steady day, however, you'll need to base your decision on which servers to seat depending on what time those servers came in and how many tables they currently have open. To master the art of rotation, simply ask one of the other hosts/hostesses to walk you through their process of doing it, and then try practicing the same process on your own. You can even ask them to review your rotation and inform you of any mistakes you made.

Mastering the art of rotation will likely be the most difficult out of all of the tasks on this list, but it will become easier the more you practice it. Trust me.

3. Answer the phone like it's the best job in the world!

One of my favorite responsibilities as a restaurant hostess is getting to interact with people (which includes answering the phone.) No matter how you're feeling, you need to answer that phone like it's the best job in the world. Why? Because passion brings in business and brightens everyone's day. Not many people can pull it off, but if you love what you do, it will just come naturally.

Tips for success:

Take the initiative to answer the phone as many times as you can for practice. Don't feel bad if you have to ask the caller to repeat what they said if you didn't hear them clearly the first time. Sometimes you may even have to put them on hold to obtain answers to questions that you aren't entirely sure of – and that's fine too! Just make sure to let the caller know that you'll be right back with them and then follow through with your promise.

4. Become a "people person."

One of the most life-changing experiences you'll have as a hostess is learning how to interact with people from a variety of different backgrounds.

Tips for success:

Unfortunately, people can be quite vicious when it comes to food. Some of them will likely even try to make you feel or look bad if they don't get what they want. Don't give into that. Instead, stand your ground and respond diplomatically, or get a manager if you have to. Overall, be positive and try not to let your negative experiences affect the outcomes of your efforts in the future.

Remember, all it takes is listening, observing, and being considerate of how others around you are feeling. You'll get the hang of it!

5. Be dependable.

In other words, don't get comfortable with being responsible for only one or two tasks as a hostess. There will likely be a system that you and the other hosts/hostesses will follow. For instance, one of you might be responsible for greeting the guests, and one of you might be responsible for seating them.

Tips for success:

It's okay to have a system, but you'll eventually need to become as skilled with as many hosting tasks as possible. Both your managers and co-workers will need to know that they can depend on you to accomplish a variety of tasks without their help, and that means you'll need to do whatever it takes to get comfortable with doing those tasks on your own. Ask questions when you need clarification on how to do something. Watch and learn from the other hosts/hostesses around you. Learn to be dependable.

6. Believe in yourself.

Even if you're still not entirely confident in your ability to succeed as a hostess, remember this:

Your manager saw potential in you the moment the hired you, and you were meant to have this job. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gotten it.

Now, all you have to do is believe that you have what it takes to be successful with it. You're going to make mistakes here and there for sure. Fortunately, those same mistakes are what will make you even more confident in your potential to be an outstanding hostess.

While being a hostess is something that will challenge you, it is also something that will help you to grow in many ways that you wouldn't have expected initially. Overall, don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Learn from your mistakes and be confident in yourself with everything that you do. You've got this!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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