5 Stages of Finals

5 Stages of Finals

"...and the Cost of Education."


It's the chill in the air. The scent of dead dreams and lack of hope lingering about. The zombie shuffle that inhabits each student across campus. Finals week has passed, and so I thought I'd share with you all the 5 Stages Of Finals as told by the popular TNT show, The Librarians.

1. Denial

"Finals? What finals? I don't know them."

2. Anger

"How can they expect college students to study for all of our finals and keep up with our school work?!"

3. Bargaining

"Can I promise you my first born child for 1 point of extra credit?"

4. Depression

"I haven't left my room in three days. The sun is nothing more than a myth. Time is an illusion, and food is a distant memory."

5. Acceptance

"Just give me my grade so we can both go home."

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