Sometimes you just can't. Other times, you just can't even. We all have a drama queen in our friend group. The classic eye roll, the hip pop and the voice fluctuation are key components to the undeniable queen. For all those drama queens out in the world (or those who don't know they are one), here is a list of things that you know all too well.

1. You get told you're being dramatic once a day

If i don't hear the phase "You are being so dramatic right now", it is not a normal day for me. It is a normal thing for someone who is dramatic to hear this. Rather it is something that is going on in your life, or some story you are telling, you get told to keep it turned down.

2. The ever-so-classic eye roll

When getting told a story that you don't agree with the eye roll is a real thing. Even when telling stories yourself you use the eye roll.

3. The dramatic stories

When telling stories, you like to add a dramatic flair at some parts of the story. You aren't lying about what happens, you just make it more fabulous than it was.

4.You are okay being the center of attention

You like the flair for dramatic, so when it comes to being the center of attention it doesn't matter. You are always telling the funny, dramatic stories, so somehow you always end up being the center of attention.

5. You own up to being dramatic

Sometimes you just have to own up and say yeah, you know what, I am dramatic and it's okay!!