Moving into a dorm is pretty scary when you're so used to having your own room or sharing it with someone you've known for years. Whether you chose your roommate or was assigned one randomly, living with someone you have never shared a room before is quite the challenge.

Whether you were lucky enough to find a best friend in your roommate or was stuck with someone you never got along with, you know you found your perfect roommate when they meet all these signs.

1. You're The Same Level Of Weird

You have to have the same level of weirdness as your roommate for you two to get along. Whether it be dancing to music at 3 in the morning, laughing at corny jokes, or just doing things that you both define as fun, you two will definitely get along.

2. You Two Talk Out Your Problems Instead of Holding It In

Telling your roommate the issues you may be having with them is better than holding it in and forming resentment towards them. Talking about issues rationally and understanding each other's feelings is necessary for a healthy relationship between roommates.

3. You Have Late Night Talks...

This is the true bonding moment between roommates where you both are able to vent and talk about your daily life and problems in general. When you can trust your roommate with your personal issues, then you know they are the perfect roommate.

4. ...And The Same Morals or Values

If you are not a huge partier like your roommate or do not value academics as much as they do, you mostly will not get along. If you enjoy partying way more than your roommate, your roommate may not appreciate you coming home drunk every night.

5. You're Compassionate

Buying your roommate soup when their sick or when they just need an iced coffee when they are pulling an all-nighter shows that you genuinely care about your roommate.

Finding the perfect roommate makes your college experience so much easier and allows you to find the best friend you need in college.