From the moment I knew how to write, I fell in love with it. It is an outlet that lets you go in so many directions and offers countless ways to express yourself. For me, writing has always been my go-to distraction from everything. If you need a reason to keep writing maybe you can find that within my 5 reasons that I write.

1. To Learn

When I write I try to always cover a topic that may require some research to be done. If you're like me and you always want to learn something new this is a great way to do just that. If you find a topic interesting enough to write about but you're not that familiar with, just do some googling. Even a bit of light research goes a long way and you hold on to that new information for a lot longer than you'd imagine because you now have a story to connect it to.

2. To Create

I have always had an unquenchable desire to create. I have tried every platform of art I could think of and the only one that can satisfy my creativity is writing. I think this is because when someone writes, they can do so much more than just spew words. When I see a painting, I no longer think "wow, that is incredible." I am able to use describe the painting in words that are able to express what I feel when I look at it rather than only expressing my admiration for it. Use your writing to create paintings with words.

3. To Appreciate

This also falls into number 2 but I still believe it is important enough to mention on its own. Personally, when I talk I can barely muster up the correct words to attempt to convey what I am truly feeling. With writing, my mind opens up to an entirely new dialogue that allows me to process emotions and compose them in a way that makes sense to me. Writing is a way to learn appreciation to the world around us because sometimes, when you take a step back and focus on the details, you can see more than you have before.

4. To Share

I write to share. I write to share my thoughts, emotions, and ideas. I write to share a piece of me that not everyone can see during a quick conversation. I write to share what is good and bad in the world. I write to share something that I feel is important enough to be talked about. I write to start a conversation.

5. To Realize Who You Are

By writing, you learn so much more than just sentence structures and proper punctuation. It opens a door that gives you an insight into who you really are as a person. Writing goes beyond more than just what you put down on a paper. It lets you see yourself without any filter. It lets you see what you care most about. It lets you see cope with success and failure and how to overcome writer's block. Writing is one of the easiest and hardest forms of art you can do because the only backbone it is relying on is your own.