So, you've probably heard mixed reports about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The audeience scores are incredibly mixed, and it appears that some people (somehow) did not like the movie. Everyone that I know loved it, myself incuded, so, I'm here tell you why the movie is actually amazing, despite some of the fan reviews. This post is spoiler-free; however, if you want to go in blind, wait until after you have seen the film

5. It's Gorgeous

The movie is absolutely stunning. The cinematography, costumes, new creatures, and all of the visuals are dazzling, and they make the viewing experience so much more enjoyable. It's evident that Rian Johnson and the crew worked their buts off to go above and beyond to enhance the visuals of the film. Along with being beautiful, there is a lot of symbolism in the coloring and especially costuming, and I loved being able to notice it. It adds another dimension of beauty to the film.

4. It's Fun

The Star Wars movies have always been fun, and Last Jedi is certainly no exception. Though the story feels is a bit darker, and the stakes feel much heavier than previous films, it is still a joy to watch. It still has humor and beauty (and porgs!) and is a fun ride. It encapsulates both the light side and dark side of the franchise into a well balanced and enjoyable film.

3. The Fan Theories Are Wrong

Some of the fans have been reacting like Kylo here because The Last Jedi disproved many theories. I think that this is the main reason why people claim to hate the movie. I understand if people didn't like it, and people are certainly entitled to their opinions; but this is getting ridiculous. It's a movie series, and if we as fans don't like something, we can be adults and get over it. If you want to complain, ok, but bashing the film and calling it the worst Star Wars film is ridiculous. I think it was brilliant that they didn't go in any of the ways that fans expected. The story is powerful and unpredictable, which makes it even more incredible. Honestly, I think that people would have been upset no matter what the film did just because of all of the pressure on the film. There are too many different expectations, and people will be disappointed no matter what. Last time, people complained that Force Awakens was too much like the original trilogy. Now they complain that it is not enough. Long story short, fans are never satisfied. The story was new and bold, and it was absolutely amazing.

2. It's Well Made

Rian Johnson did a great job cinematically along with writing an amazing story. As a filmmaking student, I tend to be more critical when it comes to film details than your average moviegoer. The editing, visuals, sound, and other technical aspects of Last Jedi are amazing. The film required so much effort from so many people, and it came together wonderfully. It's beautiful and well put together. Also, just look at the critic reviews. It has received solid reviews and a rotten tomatoes critic score of 93%. The director and crew put it together not just a fun blockbuster, but a masterfully crafted cinematic work of art.

1. It Takes The Story In A Bold New Direction

Like I mentioned earlier, the movie disproves many fan theories, and the story takes a much different direction than many people expect, which I think works wonderfully. The story has to move on and work for the younger generation along with the original fans. I think that Last Jedi does the best job that it possibly could to move forward while still paying tribute to the past, and especailly to Carrie Fisher. Sure, some people will never be satisfied, but the film is, in my opinion, one of the best of the franchise.

So in summary:

In a good way. I absolutely love the film and think that it is a fantastic film. I highly recommend that you go out and see it if you haven't yet. This is the film you are looking for...

May the Force be with you!